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In 2023, Apple Music Needs These Features



In 2023, Apple Music Needs These Features

(CTN News) – The Apple Music app has improved a lot since its release in 2015, but it’s still not flawless. I hope Apple will add two long overdue features to Apple Music by 2023…both of which are already available on Spotify.

Apple Music cross-fade is available on the iPhone and iPad

Cross-fade support for Apple Music on the iPhone and iPad is one of the most glaring omissions. It is a feature that has been available for many years, dating back to the iPod era.

In spite of this, cross-fade has not yet been added to Apple Music on the iPhone for some odd reason.

If you are unfamiliar with cross-fade, it is a feature that allows one song to fade in (gradually increasing its volume) while the previous song fades out.

In this way, gaps between songs are prevented. Most apps allow you to adjust how long songs crossfade for. You can, for instance, set crossfade to any time between one second and twelve seconds on the Mac.

The omission is made even more bizarre by the fact that cross-fade for Music is available for Mac and Android devices.

Could you please explain why Apple has not extended this feature to the iPhone and iPad? I do not know. It is my hope that it will finally be addressed in 2023.

Features similar to Spotify Connect

For years, Spotify has offered the Spotify Connect feature that allows users to control their listening from one device to another. As an example, you can listen to music on your Mac while controlling playback on your iPhone.

There is currently no support for a feature such as this on other devices as Apple Music offers similar features for Home Pod playback. You would prefer to be able to control Apple Music across all devices, regardless of where it is being played.

As an example, I envision a world in which Music could play on your Mac and you could control it through your Apple Watch or iPhone. At the present time, this is not possible. Your Mac is the only way to control playback if you are listening on it.

Apple’s Handoff and Air Play technologies appear to lay the groundwork for a feature such as this. It is unfortunate that this feature has not been extended to more of Music’s offerings.

What is on your wish list for Apple Music?

There are a number of other ways in which Apple Music could be improved. It includes significant improvements to the performance, reliability, and navigation of the Music app across all of Apple’s platforms.

Also, Apple promised to release the Apple Music Classical app before the end of 2022, but it has yet to do so.


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