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ChatGPT Helps Microsoft Build Intelligent Artificial Intelligence

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ChatGPT Helps Microsoft Build Intelligent Artificial Intelligence

(CTN News) – Earlier this year, Microsoft announced it had made a remarkable breakthrough by introducing its newest language model, Phi-1, which boasts an impressive number of parameters of over 1.3 billion.

Instead of emphasizing the size of the model in order to achieve better results, Microsoft’s approach emphasizes the quality of the training data in order to produce better results.

As a result of meticulously curating a “textbook-level” dataset, Phi-1 has managed to achieve superior performance, surpassing the capabilities of GPT-3.5, which incorporates over 100 billion parameters in its computation.

Due to its exceptional performance, Phi-1, a device based on the Transformer architecture, has received significant attention over the last few years.

By utilizing eight GPUs from Nvidia, the training process was accelerated to the point where it was completed within a mere four days thanks in part to the utilization of the Nvidia A100 GPUs.

As a result of Microsoft’s strategic focus on improving the quality of training data, rather than simply increasing the number of parameters, the company has been able to produce impressive results.

A comparison of Phi-1 with GPT-3.5 has demonstrated that Phi-1 delivered an impressive accuracy score of 50.6%, surpassing GPT-3.5’s performance of 47% even though GPT-3.5 had an astounding 175 billion parameters to contend with.

Aiming to strengthen accessibility and promote collaboration, Microsoft intends to open-source Phi-1 on the HuggingFace platform as part of their efforts to strengthen accessibility.

As a result of this step, this language model can potentially be engaged by more people and result in more contributions.

The fact that Microsoft has already developed another smaller language model, called Orca, with 13 billion parameters is also worth noting.

The Orca neural network was trained on synthetic data using GPT-4, and it has demonstrated superior performance, even when it is compared to the ChatGPT neural network.

It is with Phi-1 that Microsoft challenges the conventional belief that larger stack sizes are required in order to achieve enhanced performance in language models.

Due to the fact that Phi-1 prioritizes the quality of training data, it has been able to demonstrate exceptional accuracy, even outperforming larger models.

As part of its commitment to pushing the boundaries of natural language processing and fostering advancements in this field, Microsoft has decided to open source the Phi-1 language processor.


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