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Windows 11: A Spyware Machine Beyond Users’ Control?



Windows 11

(CTN NEWS) – Microsoft has been charged with routinely abusing user privacy over the last few years. Windows 10 and especially Windows 11 are two entirely different monsters in this regard compared to the traditional NT-based platforms.

How much information is being sent to online servers by the Windows operating system?

The most recent Redmond OS version is a real “talker” when collecting telemetry and other information on users’ preferences and online activities, according to a recent video from The PC Security Channel (TPCSC).

The film “Has Windows Become Spyware?” explains how online communication between Windows and outside servers may be seen during live capture sessions.

The film’s maker used Wireshark, a popular (and cost-free) network protocol analyzer effective for viewing network activity “at a microscopic level.”

Windows 11 1


They used Wireshark to examine what a newly installed copy of Windows 11 was doing on a new laptop, and what they discovered was, to put it mildly, eye-opening: right after the first boot.

Windows 11 immediately began attempting to connect to third-party servers without any prior user permission or intervention.

TPCSC discovered that Windows 11 was connecting to numerous web services supplied by Microsoft, including MSN, the Bing search engine, and Windows Update, by using a Wireshark filter to examine DNS traffic.

Windows 11 appeared to have something significant to say to companies like Steam, McAfee, and Comscore

A market research project that “studies and reports on Internet trends and behavior,” there were also a lot of third-party services available.

Many of the original DNS requests made by Windows 11 were created to provide “telemetry” data without the requirement for user consent or web surfing behavior to market research firms, advertising networks, and even geolocation-related domains like

According to TPCSC, the most recent version of the Windows operating system appears to be built from the ground up to “spy” on everyone and everything.

Windows 11 2


The YouTube channel attempted the same packet-sniffing activity using Wireshark on Windows XP, initially published in 2001.

As a contrast or possibly as a critical comment about the current condition of privacy in the Windows ecosystem.

Their investigation shows that Windows XP doesn’t even understand what the term “telemetry” refers to; the OS’s initial DNS traffic came from an attempt to contact the Windows Update service and nothing else.

There was no market research or browsing monitoring.

Some are attempting to defend Windows 11’s actions as the better of two evils in a technological environment where several online functions and third-party services require data to function properly.

In response to comments made on the video, TPCSC continues to caution the most informed and privacy-aware consumers that Windows 11 is still “sending things” online even when telemetry is disabled via third-party programs.


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