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Apple Rolls Out iOS 17 Beta 2 – Everything New In The Updated Version Of iOS

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iOS 17

(CTN NEWS) – During WWDC23, iOS 17 beta 1 was made available to developers after months of rumours and conjecture.

Additionally, as our hands-on with the software demonstrates, iOS 17 is a rather minimal update, especially if you don’t frequently use iMessage and FaceTime to connect with your friends and family.

Despite this, there are still many minor upgrades spread throughout the system, and Apple is making more with each new beta release.

It’s time to dig into this build and see what modifications and new features it might contain now that iOS 17 beta 2 is accessible to those signed up for the Apple Developer Programme.

What’s New In iOS 17 Beta 2

Tap to AirDrop

img 3783

On iOS 17 beta 2, when attempting to AirDrop something, the interface now indicates that you can initiate the transfer by bringing two iPhones close to one another.

The function was initially announced during WWDC, although beta 1 appeared to lack it.

Fitness section in Settings

img 3784

On iOS 17 beta 2, there is a new section for the Fitness app in the Settings app. Users can check how their data is handled and control a few of the app’s permissions there.

Standby tweaks

img 3785

Standby mode was initially included in iOS 17 beta 1. The Standby settings now include a new toggle in Beta 2 that gives you the option to turn off non-critical notifications.

Regular notifications won’t crowd your screen while you’re in this mode because of this.

Crossfade in Apple Music

img 3782

In the Music settings of iOS 17 beta 1, a Crossfade toggle was included. However, when it was enabled, the Settings app would crash and users would be unable to access the Music area once more.

Thankfully, iOS 17 beta 2 corrects this flaw and adds a slider so you may choose the number of seconds for the crossfade feature.

Software Update tweaks

ios 17 beta 2

You will see a new Software Update settings page with more noticeable Update Now and Update Tonight options when updating from iOS 17 beta 1 to beta 2.

The most recent iPhones are being used to test and explore this development. If we find any other new features or improvements, we’ll update this post, so be sure to check back often and reload the page.

You might want to check at Apple’s official release notes in the interim, where the company normally lists the issues, kinks, and fixes included in a certain beta.

The improvements in iOS 17 are concentrated in the Messages, Phone, and FaceTime apps.

With the help of this update, users will be able to share stickers in new ways, create and set Contact Posters, use new FaceTime reactions and effects, and trade their contact cards more simply with NameDrop.

Users of this version can benefit from Standby mode, which transforms compatible iPhones into sort of smart screens when charging in landscape configuration, in addition to the communication updates

. Not to mention the Apple Journal app, which will debut through an iOS 17.x upgrade later this year.

If this release piques your curiosity, you can install iOS 17 beta on an iPhone that is compatible by following the instructions in our guide.

Alternatively, you might hold off until the autumn when the stable, public release is scheduled for release. But keep in mind that early beta builds are frequently glitchy and unstable.

You might want to avoid installing pre-release versions on your daily driver unless you’re okay with this.


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