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Google Wallet App Rolls Out New Card Switching Animation With The Same Usability

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Google Wallet

(CTN NEWS) – With a carousel of your payment cards at the top and a list of loyalty cards, transport passes, and tickets at the bottom, Google Wallet, or Google Pay before it, has mostly always had the same appearance.

Although Google is working on some tiny improvements, this style doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

At least when they’ve linked more than one card to Google Wallet, some users are noticing a new card change animation that appears to be trickling out gradually.

Your credit cards no longer appear to be sitting next to one another; instead, the new animation gives them the appearance and feel of being stacked on top of one another.

google wallet old design 2

In a motion like to a carousel, the cards slide out from behind the card at the top when you swipe to the left or right to reveal the next one.

As a result, Wallet resembles a traditional wallet a little bit more, where you would typically layer or stack cards.

Google Wallet Old vs. New Interface

Additionally, the new design moves your credit cards higher up so that more of your pass and loyalty cards are displayed below.

The issuing bank and a little indicator indicating if the card is your default payment card are now visible in a string below the card.

The new animation is probably going to be released as part of the June 2023 Play system update.

Google mentioned in its changelog that it improved support for foldable phones and offered the choice to turn off entertaining animations that play after you pay or use a pass.

google wallet new design 2

It would make sense if the new carousel animation was incorporated into these changes, or at the very least released concurrently with them.

In either case, it can take some time before everyone sees the new animation. Make sure to check the system settings of your phone for a Google Play system update.

This option is accessible on Pixel phones by going to Security & privacy Updates Google Play system update.

Although there is a Play Store version of Wallet, that version mostly serves as a shortcut on your home screen rather than the actual Wallet app itself. Google Play Services have control over the latter.


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