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Google TV Introduces New Tools For Finding This Weekend’s Shows



Google TV

Google TV – The Google TV ecosystem is thriving; to mention a few, there are already two Chromecast with Google TV models, a third may be on the horizon, and Walmart is developing a device to replace its Onn Android TV.

But hardware is only one component of the puzzle, and Google ensures that the software side of things keeps up to date with a redesigned home screen that begins rolling out today.

The For You content recommendation page on Google TV, which promotes programs and films from your various subscriptions that Google’s algorithm thinks you’ll like, is undoubtedly its best feature.

Nonetheless, having all these suggestions in one place can occasionally feel overwhelming, so Google has added a new area called Discover Even More immediately below the Continue Watching row.

Your content is divided into four subcategories: movies, television shows, families, and Spanish.

The first two categories go without saying while Family gathers media with a PG-13 classification or below, and Espaol emphasizes Spanish-language films and television programs.


Google TV Best Feature

This update has also enhanced the navigation experience on Google TV devices. Google has relocated the user account switcher button from the right edge to the left edge so that it is nearer to the primary home screen tabs.

Due to this, the Search button had to be relocated to the right side and was also reduced in size to an icon rather than words.

The logo also moved eastward, but the most interesting improvement is a new addition: the settings icon, previously tucked between Search and Google TV, now provides rapid access to standard system features right from the home screen.

In addition to TV devices made by Philips, Sony, TCL, and other OEMs, these capabilities are starting to roll out internationally to Chromecasts today.

But, given Google’s propensity for staged rollouts, it may take weeks before the updated home screen reaches every user. You can pass the time if you’re sick of waiting by using some of the top Google TV apps.


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