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Top 8 Best Chromebook Photoshop Alternatives In 2023



photoshop alternative

Photoshop Alternatives – We seldom witness a web browser develop into a whole operating system.

And yet, Google’s Chrome experienced exactly that. Initially, Chrome OS devices served primarily as hubs for email and YouTube viewing, but times have changed.

Chromebooks are currently a more economical option than Windows and Mac computers. They cover many characteristics, including some that are strong enough to do simple productivity tasks.

You now have access to many of the top Android apps thanks to the addition of Android apps.

There are several ways to store your images as a result.

Nevertheless, editing pictures might be a little more challenging, given that professional tools like PhotoShop haven’t yet been released for Chromebooks. Fortunately, there are other options.

These Photoshop alternatives range from straightforward tools for performing simple image editing to more intricate tools with sophisticated features like layers.

We provide the top PhotoShop replacements for Chromebooks in today’s article.

1. Kira

Krita is a complete program designed for artists that work great on a Chromebook. Krita offers a wide range of tools and capabilities to let you express yourself as you choose.

You may produce sketches for comic books in the manga style, storyboards, and more using Krita.

A tonne of brushes, stabilizers, assistants, and a helpful canvas free from interruptions, are available.

Krita is still in beta, which is important to note. As a result, the features and devices supported may differ.

Nonetheless, Krita should work on most current tablets and Chromebooks even though the app isn’t yet compatible with phones.

Photoshop alternatives 1

2. Canva: Design, Photo & Video

Canva is the ideal app for anyone who wants to experiment with photo editing because it is easy to use. The software offers a huge selection of free photo-editing tools and layouts.

Some options include cropping, adjusting brightness or saturation, and adding background blur. A collage of images can be put together with ease.

You can also use Canva to make prototypes of your selected design by printing it on a mug or a t-shirt.

You can access more features like premium templates and a one-click background removal by subscribing to Canva Pro. Other from that, neither the paid edition nor the free version will bother you with adverts or watermarks.

best photoshop apps chromebook canva enhance your photos with pro tools

3. Infinite Painter

Unlike Canva, which is only a photo and video editing program, Infinite Painter is geared towards artists. A recent patch added support for Chromebooks.

Infinite Painter is most likely one of the top drawing apps available for Chrome OS devices.

There are hundreds of different brushes and pencils in Infinite Painter, with just as many parameters to customize them. You can rapidly choose between your favorite brushes thanks to a simple UI.

If you enjoy what you see during the seven-day free trial, you may unlock the full version of Infinite Painter for $10.

best photoshop apps chromebook infinite painter girl collecting flowers

4. Lightroom Photo & Video Editor

You won’t find full-fledged Photoshop software on your Chromebook, but Adobe provides several programs as mobile apps through the Play Store.

One of the best programs for enthusiastic photographers is Lightroom. Moreover, it may have the broadest selection of photo editing tools.

With Lightroom, you can edit photo and video footage, change brightness, saturation, and exposure, apply filters, and even alter the composition’s point of view. These features come with many free options.

Yet, to use some of the more sophisticated features, you must have a premium subscription. They comprise the capacity to edit video, apply masks, alter the geometry, and have access to the app’s cloud storage.

Lightroom 1 1

5. Pixlr – Photo Editor

A photo editor like Canva is Pixlr. The picture’s tone can be changed, the background and exposure can be played with, and text and other effects can be readily added.

Also, Pixlr enables you to create collages out of your photos using various styles.

Pixlr offers almost two million possible combinations of effects if you’re seeking a tonne of alternatives. A range of pencils and brushes are available for making rapid modifications.

But Pixlr can also adjust modest skin tone, eliminate red-eye effects, and repair minor imperfections automatically.

Oh, and in addition to this Android application, there is a progressive online application that is excellent for Chromebooks.

best photoshop apps chromebook pixlr get creative with double

6. Photo Editor Pro

More than 60 filters are available in Photo Editor Pro to help you alter the appearance of your photographs.

Also, there are options for modifying the composition’s brightness, saturation, and warmth separately. More than two hundred visual effects and over a thousand filters are available.

If you wish to go further, there are possibilities for changing the body’s shape and length. You can use particular filters to make yourself appear more cartoonish.

Have you ever wished you looked like a character from an anime? Then you should use this app. Remember that the interface is created for phones, yet Photo Editor Pro works in a pinch for quick photo editing.

best photoshop apps chromebook photo editor pro 200 plus effects

7. PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor

You might want to look into PhotoRoom if you manage an online market like Etsy or eBay. While many other apps function similarly to this one, it is primarily geared toward e-commerce.

One benefit is that PhotoRoom makes it simple to eliminate extraneous items from your images.

You can change backdrops, certain objects, or both with a single button. You can also use PhotoRoom to add numerous effects and filters to your photos.

Some features demand the purchase of a membership, especially those geared toward resellers. But, a trial period is available, so you may see if you can get by with the app’s free features.

best photoshop apps chromebook photo room remove background

8. Sketchbook

Similar to Krita and Infinite Painter, Sketchbook is a drawing program. If you cannot wait for the latter to exit beta, Sketchbook could be used to cover the gap.

This software has many tools, pencils, and brushes to help you create beautiful works of art. The UI is simple and functional, concentrating only on your required tools.

Sketchbook makes a big deal about how authentic it feels. In other words, using the app is similar to painting on paper. Brushes and pencils act similarly to their real-world counterparts.

Sketchbook may be the right Chrome OS app if you’re more traditional and hesitant to try your drawings on a digital device.

Sketchbook 1 1


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