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Google Clock Now Lets You Record Your Own Alarm Sounds

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Google Clock Now Lets You Record Your Own Alarm Sounds

(CTN NEWS) – Mobile phones have included alarm clocks for decades, so there isn’t much companies can do to improve them. However, Google has updated its Google Clock app, making it more fun.

Thanks to a new update (via XDA Developers), Google Clock lets you record your alarms.

Making personalized alarms is not a novel concept. Most smartphones allow you to browse through your media files and choose a file to serve as your alarm.

You can use your music or audio to wake up if you don’t like the built-in alarms. That’s fantastic, but you can skip that step by using Google’s approach.

With Google Clock, You Can Now Create Your Alarms

There is a possibility that you won’t receive this new update immediately away because it is new. With the update, you’ll now see another option above the You sounds area when choosing your alarm.

There will be a tiny Record new button there.

That button will immediately take you to the Pixel recorder app when you tap it. You will then start recording your audio and saving it. The new file will appear in the alarm picker when you return to the Google Clock app after saving it.

We can’t tell from the screenshots if you can rename the audio file before allocating it, but we assume you can.

The new recording will appear in the alarm picker’s Recorded Sounds section. This is a speedier way than the standard one for designating your sounds as alarms.

The alarm recording option in the Android Clock app.

The alarm recording option in the Android Clock app. Image: XDA-developers

You can record and assign your sound rather than recording the sound and digging through your files.

Considering that it uses the Pixel audio recorder app, it appears that this functionality might only be available on Pixel devices.

However, it might function on that phone if it has a custom ROM with the Pixel Recorder installed. Ensure your Google Clock app is fully updated if you wish to use this functionality.

All you need to do now is choose which alarm sound you want to record.

Here Are A Few Suggestions:

  • Screaming from your partner that you’ll be late
  • Favorite pet
  • Kids who like to wake up at 6 a.m.
  • Parents who nag you when you try to sleep at 11AM on Saturday
  • Sirens at nuclear power plants
  • Farting wet


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