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Mike Evans’ Contract Could Affect Brandon Aiyuk’s Deal

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Mike Evans' Contract Could Affect Brandon Aiyuk's Deal

(CTN News) – The Buccaneers are bringing wide receiver Mike Evans back instead of letting him leave in free agency. A two-year, $52 million contract that includes $35 million in guaranteed cash was reported by Adam Schefter on Monday.

It was unlikely that the 49ers would be players for Evans in free agency, but Mike Evans’ contract extension could influence Brandon Aiyuk’s contract negotiations.

As a result of Mike Evans’ deal, Aiyuk won’t be as expensive as he used to be. Following consecutive seasons of 1,000 yards, he was always likely to receive a sizable contract.

It should however give the Aiyuk camp some hope that they can clear the $35 million guarantee going into Evans’ age 31 season.

With a strong fourth season, Aiyuk’s stock is rising significantly compared to Evans’. With his well-rounded game and good rapport with quarterback Brock Purdy, it’s easy to see Aiyuk having a great season.

However, that doesn’t mean Mike Evans isn’t great. Even though he’ll be a Hall of Famer once he hangs up his pads, there’s an argument to be made that Aiyuk can make an even greater impact than Evans at this point.

For the 49ers, it might be difficult to find a sweet spot that will allow them to sign Aiyuk at $26 million. Aside from Cooper Kupp, Davante Adams, and Tyreek Hill, Evans is the only player with an average annual value exceeding $26 million.

The cost of paying Aiyuk that much and Deebo Samuel $23.85 million would be prohibitive.

In the event that Aiyuk wishes to use Mike Evans’ contract as a negotiating point,

Then this is good news for the 49ers. Although San Francisco may be optimistic about Aiyuk’s future, Evans’ resume at this time is more comprehensive than Aiyuk’s.

In addition to ten consecutive 1,000-yard seasons, a Super Bowl ring, and five appearances in the Pro Bowl, he has achieved many other accomplishments. There are several factors that the 49ers would certainly consider when deciding whether to reject the idea of Aiyuk’s contract reaching the top-five WR range.

Evans’ contract may not be of any concern to Aiyuk. The 49ers may be considering a number that is aligned with Aiyuk’s, which would give them some flexibility in ensuring he is paid.

However, the 49ers may need to seriously consider moving on from their budding superstar wide receiver if Aiyuk’s camp pushes back and Mike Evans’ contract remains intact.


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