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‘Lala Kent’ Shares Hilarious Video With Daughter After Pregnancy Announcement

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'Lala Kent' Shares Hilarious Video With Daughter After Pregnancy Announcement

(CTN News) – In this two-part interview, Lala Kent discusses the frenzy she has to deal with being a mother of a two-year-old daughter, and what it would be like if she had another child as well.

After announcing her pregnancy on Sunday, the Vanderpump Rules actress expressed her anxious feelings about the possibility of having another daughter after announcing she was expecting a baby.

It was Lala Kent who posted a story to her official Instagram account in which she could be seen rummaging through the shoe closet of her 212-year-old daughter, Ocean.

Kent says if he had another girl, he would have to sacrifice the things that mean the most to him, including his health for me and my gorgeous shoes for her… In the caption, he explains why he would do that.

During Lala Kentn filming of the actress standing near her daughter Ocean, the actress is seen approaching the closet doorway of her shoe closet, wrapped up in a towel, as she approaches her daughter while she is filmed standing next to her daughter.

Are there any upcoming events for you? As a response to her mother’s question, Ocean stated, “No, we are in the middle of the ocean!”.

Kent said as she approached the door, “Ocean Lala Kent, I strongly urge you to refrain from doing this! Please leave!” Ocean retorted as she opened the door a tiny amount before closing it again.

After a few seconds, Lala Kent  asked Ocean,

Are you putting mom’s shoes on now? Is she putting her shoes on now? On or off? “Yeah, it’s because I am a princess, because I am a princess.” Ocean responded.

The funny video comes hours after Lala Kent announced, via a separate Instagram post, that she was excited to announce that she was pregnant with her second child.


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