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Will Joe Biden Really Be Able to Beat Trump for the Democrat Party

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Joe biden democrat election

It’s looking increasingly likely that Joe Biden will be the man to take on Donald Trump in the next US presidential election. The 77-year-old is the clear favourite in the odds to win the Democrat nomination after the likes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren among others have suspended their campaigns.

The primaries ultimately ended up having a strange feel to them as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, with many events being called off or taking place online as opposed to in physical locations around the country.

Various candidates dropped out of the race to become the Democrat nominee as time went on, and as Biden’s lead in pole position became greater and greater. Warren ultimately ended up with a disappointing outcome, and she suspended her campaign on March 5th. The Massachusetts senator had been one of the favorites to take on Trump in the early days of campaigning, but ultimately she couldn’t keep pace with both Biden and Sanders.

Joe Biden the Democrat candidate?

Sanders was consistently seen as Joe Biden’s biggest challenger, gaining immense popularity among young prospective voters and those who long to see a radical change in the way the country is run, and a night-and-day difference compared with the Trump administration. However, it was always unlikely that Sanders would garner the nationwide support necessary to even win the nomination, let alone winning the election as a whole.

So, what has made Biden the leading candidate? Well, many will point to his relationship with the last Democratic president Barack Obama as a key reason why Biden has been able to gather support across the country. He served as Obama’s vice president for the duration of the 44th president’s eight-year tenure, and it’s clear that Obama trusted him greatly.

Obama recently announced that he was formally endorsing Biden in his bid to become president, and that will have had a significant effect on those who were fans of Obama when he was in charge, and would like to see a return to something like the way things were back then.

Election predictions on defeating Trump

There is also the sense that Joe Biden appears to be the candidate who has the best chance of actually making himself the favourite in election predictions, and defeating Trump. Both Sanders and Warren were candidates keen on effecting significant changes in certain areas of government, whereas Biden is a little more down the middle.

It could be argued that the latter has a greater chance of swaying voters who may be on the fence as to who they should vote for when the election rolls around.

We saw in 2016 how important the swing states are in winning the presidential election, and this is where Trump ultimately made ground on Hillary Clinton, winning in states such as Florida and Ohio to secure the crucial Electoral College votes which gave him victory.

Biden would arguably have a better chance of winning back those swing states, and that is where he perhaps gained ground on Sanders and Warren, as many Americans feel change is needed sooner rather than later in the White House.

There was always a feeling that Biden was the candidate most likely to come out on top in the Democrat primaries. He has proved himself popular amongst a large proportion of the Democrat-voting population, the question now is whether he can overcome Trump should he be officially confirmed as the party’s presidential candidate.

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