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Trump: Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters Are the ‘Unhinged Face’ of Democratic Party

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Forty-three percent of registered voters support President Donald Trump’s border wall, according to a Fox News Poll released Wednesday, a four-point increase since the same question was asked in September, but 75 percent say they see another shutdown as an emergency and an even bigger problem than border issues.

The poll found 43 percent do support the wall, but 54 percent oppose it and say it won’t help secure the southern boundary.

And the survey dealt a major blow to liberal activists’ hopes of impeaching Mr. Trump, with just 12 percent saying that should be Democrats’ top priority as they take the reins of the House in the new year.

Even among Democrats, just 19 percent said they want to see their party prioritize that over everything else.

Asked about a whole series of priorities, health care topped Democrats’ list with 31 percent saying they want that to be the focus, followed by the environment.

Among Republicans, immigration was the runaway winner, with 52 percent saying they wanted to see action.

The findings come as Mr. Trump is engaged with congressional Democrats, seeking to win at least $5 billion in new money to continue expanding the fencing along the border.

Nancy Pelosi and Anger Management

Nancy Pelosi spent weeks refusing to budge on her rejection of a wall across our southern border.

She had mainstream media goading her on, though it did not appear to me that she needed much goading. Her answer to our President was “NO. No, to the wall.” Those who read the reviews this past weekend of “The Goodness Paradox” and “Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence” surely were put in mind of Nancy, standing in the doorway of the House of Representatives, her little fists on her hips, shouting “NO. No, to the wall.”

She even threatened to leave town for a congressional jaunt to Afghanistan taking dozens of her violent teammates with her. The president had the good sense to cancel her trip, but he lacks the constitutional authority to overrule her on the wall and so he, ever the soul of good sense, ordered the government shutdown over. Good show, Donald. Someone has to be the adult in the room.

Then mainstream media started doing cartwheels for whom? For this bad-tempered woman, who would have been happy to deny 800,000 federal employees still more of their richly deserved pay. Well, it is exasperating. It is a good thing President Trump remained calm throughout and presidential. Had it not been for the president’s legendary prudence we might still be weeks into the longest shutdown in American history and still no sign of a settlement.

Stop and think about it. We have thousands of immigrants flooding our borders. Some are perfectly peaceful, though they have no documents. They should queue up and follow our government’s perfectly sensible immigration procedures. Others are gang members. They are drug users and pushers. They are criminals. And still others are bringing disease with them.

Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi Are the ‘Unhinged Face’ of the Democratic Party

In June, 2018, President Trump took a shot at Representative House leader Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, calling them the “unhinged face” of the Democratic Party.

Waters’s “crazy rants” have contributed to “Making America Weak Again,” he said.

He joked that the two California representatives are a “Fine Leadership Team” and “should always stay together and lead the Democrats.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Trump wrote.

Pelosi and Waters have both been in Congress for close to 30 years.

Sources: Washington Times, National Review

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