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Warzone 2 Gun Tier List – Of The Best Guns Available In Warzone 2



Warzone 2 Gun Tier List - Of The Best Guns Available In Warzone 2

(CTN News) – In Warzone 2, players drop into 150-player battles with an impressive arsenal of high-powered rifles and guns as they move into the next phase of Call Of Duty’s Battle Royale games.

The large selection of guns available can make it difficult to decide which ones to use in your next match. As a result, we’ve put together the following list of the 10 best guns in Warzone 2. Here we’ll go through each of these guns in turn.

We’ll also go over what makes them so effective so you can better understand the weapons you’re using and the weapons you’ll be facing in the future.

In Warzone 2, these are the most powerful guns

Especially in Warzone 2’s Battle Royale matches, the topic of the best gun depends entirely on your situation and range. However, there are still a few weapons whose Warzone 2 weapon stats make them stand out.

As we move up the list, let’s discuss each of these top-tier Warzone 2 guns in additional detail.

10. Kastov 762

When factoring in the increased health pools of armoured enemy players in Warzone 2, the Kastov 762 is one of the hardest-hitting assault rifles in the game.

Although it needs the right attachments to mitigate its bouncy recoil, the Kastov 762 actually out-ranges the Kastov-74U in Al Mazrah, making it an excellent mid-range weapon.

9. Raal MG

With a single shot, the Raal MG can deal 50 chest damage in Warzone 2. At its ideal range, it takes just 5 shots (or 533 ms) to kill an enemy player with 250 health. Even though the Raal MG has its issues – namely its weight and slow handling speeds – its superior accuracy and iron sights allow you to utilize its extreme stopping power to your advantage.

8. The SP-R208

This Marksman Rifle delivers an incredible 167 damage to the chest, or 195 damage to the head, continuing our trend of high-damage weapons. It’s a relatively easy-to-use Marksman Rifle, with adequate bullet velocity and range that allows you to find your target fairly reliably.

In spite of its longer reload time (because it hits harder), the Marksman Rifle is faster than most Sniper Rifles in Warzone 2. A shorter-range option would be the SP-R 208.

7. Sub Lachmann (MP5)

You have the highest chance of surviving close-quarters and indoor locations in Warzone 2 with the Lachmann Sub (or MP5). As long as the Lachmann Sub is fully equipped, there’s really nothing to dislike about it once you’ve got the right time-to-kill and balance between speed, power, and accuracy.

Although it won’t be much use over longer distances, having a reliable close-quarters killing machine always smart. This is why many players’ loadouts should include the Lachmann Sub.
6. M4

In Warzone 2, the ever-familiar M4 is a very solid assault rifle. Because of its high rate of fire, it has a very good time-to-kill from close-to-midrange, and it doesn’t have the same upward kick as some of its competitors, like the Kastov 762. It is also very easy to control. No matter what else you have in your arsenal, it’s a dependable and versatile option.


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