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Overwatch 2: Mei’s Return Delayed By Critical Patch Issue



Overwatch 2: Mei's Return Delayed By Critical Patch Issue

(CTN News) – The heroes of Overwatch 2: aren’t able to stay in one place for very long at a time.

Blizzard has announced on its forums that Mei, the latest hero removed from Overwatch 2 due to bug fixes, isn’t returning just yet, according to an update on the company’s forums. It has been reported that the game’s mid-season patch has been delayed due to an unspecified “critical issue,” according to developers.

Whether this issue has to do with Mei herself, or if it is a larger issue within Overwatch 2, has not been clarified at this time.

While it’s unclear how long the delay will last, Blizzard says it’s striving to release the game as soon as possible. Fans should keep an eye on the forums and the Overwatch Twitter account for any updates.

On October 31, Mei was removed from the game (opens in new tab) because there was a problem with her Ice Wall ability. Meis, when used in conjunction with a teleporting character like Kiriko, can wedge itself into corners of a map.

This character can then use that character teleport to clip directly into the geometry of the map. It would then be possible for the Kiriko to swap to a hero like Symmetra and attack players from underneath the map safely in that way. At the same time, it is clever, but not very nice.

There was an exploit with Bastion’s ultimate ability before Mei was released, so Blizzard temporarily removed him (opens in a new tab) while they fixed the issue.

In the event Mei does not return to the game by the end of the day, she will have spent more time away from the game than the robot itself.

Among the other changes in this patch are the addition of balance changes for over-performing heroes such as Genji, D.Va, Zarya, Sombra, and Kiriko. In case you missed the Overwatch 2  League grand finals, you already saw the latest patch in action: Zarya’s unstoppable reign is over, Genji’s been swapped out for Reaper, and Sombra isn’t being played at all.

According to most people’s estimations, Sojourn, the new railgun-toting hero who, based on the way most people see it, at the moment is absurdly powerful, won’t be getting any modifications at all. It is likely that nothing will change from the patch notes that Blizzard released last month (opens in a new tab) unless something changes.

There is currently a new, colorful Mei skin available in the Overwatch 2 store for 1,000 Overwatch 2 Coins if you log into the store right now.

The Retro Star skin (opens in a new tab) is a fluffy, pastel pink skin with a shooting star that changes colors as it moves and is wrapped in a pastel pink wrap. It would be great if there was a hero in the game who could use it.

Will Overwatch 2 Be Free?

Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play, always-on, and ever-evolving live game. Team up with friends regardless of platform and jump into the reimagined PvP experience.


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