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Understanding the Top Online Casino Gaming Trends in 2021

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Understanding the Top Online Casino Gaming Trends in 2021

Online casino gambling rose to popularity in 2020 and it continues to see an upward trend in recent months of 2021. The future is bright for online casino operators and gamblers alike as these games have ushered in a new era of luck-based entertainment. Today, enthusiasts see a few trends that helped the industry grow in a healthy manner.

Crypto growth in the online casino industry

Cryptocurrencies are popular investment ventures with Bitcoin reaching a $60,000 all-time high and stable $34,000 average market price. It is significantly more than 2020’s $9,000 average. With it comes the altcoins’ rise such as Ethereum and Litecoin which also saw an increase in the market.

Online casino slots offer crypto holders an opportunity to stake their digital coins rather than fiat. The deposit/withdrawal process is easier, cheaper, and more private than using traditional banking options or credit cards. Users can keep their activities private, too, because there is no third-party authority to oversee their history.

More states and countries are legalizing online gambling

Local laws limit online casinos’ reach across the world because some cities ban their services. That slowly changes as some states begin to allow gambling. Aside from online casinos, online sportsbooks are also accepted.

The United States is home to many crypto users and avid gamblers. Unfortunately, they can only play at land casinos in selected states and regions. That is why they rejoice as some of their states such as Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts have a majority vote to allow online gambling.

Many governments see the gambling industry as a great way to help the economy. It can bring tax revenue, tourism, and flow of money in the local market. Players can soon play in more cities in the near future.

Proper regulations for Online Casino gambling are enforced

Legalizing a practice also comes with proper laws that both the operators and players should respect. The lack thereof used to be an issue in many regions where online gambling is just tolerated such as in many Indian states.

Many laws are passed to properly allow gambling but with clear rules and regulations to follow. This gives players a peace of mind knowing that their gaming experience is both allowed and protected. It also opens local money-transfer services to help connect the local players to offshore domains.

Virtual reality is the next step for a realistic experience

Virtual reality (VR) gambling is still far from completion but the ideas brewed so far are promising. One of the simplest ideas is to take a popular video slot then render it in 3D animation. The only interactive elements there are the interface to adjust one’s bets or auto play and lever for spinning the reels.

A more exciting concept for VR is a virtual casino space that players can explore. There are already amazing concepts out there but none are open for the public yet. Some have fully-functioning games with robot dealers but only invited people can try them. Online casino slots are also imported successfully with the help of participating providers.

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