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The Mogilevich Gang Hacked Epic Games With “Zero Evidence”

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The Mogilevich Gang Hacked Epic Games With "Zero Evidence"

(CTN News) – Despite claims that the company’s servers had been breached by the Mogilevich extortion group, Epic Games said there was no evidence to suggest that its servers had been hacked.

In a statement to Bleeping Computer, Epic Games said that they are investigating the claims but there is no evidence to support them as legitimate.

“Mogilievich has not contacted Epic or provided any evidence of the truthfulness of the allegations that he has made.”A representative for Epic Games told BleepingComputer that they tried to contact the threat actor as soon as they saw a screenshot of the dark web page that promoted the breach, and that they immediately began investigating the incident.

It was reported by the company that they never received a response from Mogilevich, and the only information they had was from a tweet I sent out yesterday, which was the only information they had.

I spoke to a representative of the Mogilevich extortion group yesterday, after news of the alleged breach spread through Twitter, asking if they could provide any proof of the attack they had carried out.

Threat actors have told BleepingComputer that they are selling stolen data for $15,000 but will only share samples of the data with those who show “proof of funds,” which means that they have demonstrated that they have the cryptocurrency assets to make the purchase in order to secure the samples.

In their claim, they claimed that they had shared samples of the allegedly stolen data with three people who had given them proof of funds.

What is Mogilevich and what does he do?

A relatively new extortion group that claims to have breached a number of businesses, including the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Infinity USA, is known as Mogilevich.

On the other hand, unlike other extortion groups, Mogilevich claims that it only sells directly to proven customers and does not share samples of stolen data with them.

Despite the fact that there is no proof to support this claim, many security researchers whom Bleeping Computer has spoken with believe that the threat actors are attempting to deceive buyers with fake data by presenting them with fake data.


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