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Resident Evil 4 Remake All Challenges List (& How To Complete Them)



Resident Evil 4 remake

(CTN NEWS) – Challenges are the most recent Resident Evil 4 remake addition, along with Merchant Requests. While there were no side tasks in the original game, there are several more goals for Leon in the remake.

Challenges are optional tasks that the player can perform in the Resident Evil 4 remake to receive Completion Points.

101 tasks are broken out into the following five groups: Fundamentals, Weapons, Feasts, Combat, and Main Story.

The player receives 60,100 CP for completing all of these goals, which they can spend at the Extra Content Shop.

This guide includes a list of all Resident Evil 4 remake Challenges as well as descriptions of each one to aid in completing these assignments.

Resident Evil 4 Remake All Challenges

Weapon Challenges

In the RE4 remake, there are additional goals called Weapon Challenges that demand a certain number of kills with a particular arsenal.

The player receives 3,000 Completion Points for completing each of these 10 activities in the game.

Challenge How to Get Rewards
A Bullet Saved is a Bullet Earned 5 kills with the Bolt Thrower 300 CP
Bug Zapper 5 kills with flashbangs 300 CP
Fire in the Hole! 10 kills with explosives 300 CP
Got a Problem, Punk? 5 kills with magnums 300 CP
Handy with a Handgun 50 kills with a handgun 300 CP
Matter of Splatter 30 kills with a shotgun 300 CP
Martial Artist 10 kills with melee 300 CP
Sharpshooter 10 kills with a rifle 300 CP
Trigger Happy 10 kills with an SMG 300 CP
Try Using Knives Next Time 5 kills with a knife 300 CP

Basic Challenges

The player must create, improve weapons, and complete specific sorts of kills in order to complete Basic Challenges.

There are a total of 16 Basic Challenges in the game, each of which awards 3,200 Completion Points.

Challenges How to Get Rewards
Arts and Crafts Craft something 200 CP
Amateur Appraiser Inlay a treasure with a gem 200 CP
A Masterpiece Fully upgrade a weapon 200 CP
Appearance Is Everything Change outfit 200 CP
Covert Basics Get a stealth kill 200 CP
Charming Charm Use a Case Charm 200 CP
I Think They Got the Point Knife a kicked enemy 200 CP
Knife Basics Parry an enemy attack 200 CP
My Preferred Piece Buy a weapon tune-up 200 CP
Nice One, Stranger! Complete a Request 200 CP
Novice Fighter Kick an enemy 200 CP
Revolt Against the Revolting Break a Clockwork Castellan 200 CP
Say Cheeeese! Use the Photo Mode 200 CP
Talk About Near-Death Experience! Rescue kidnaped Ashley 200 CP
The Perfect Piece Get a gun to Level 5 200 CP
What’re Ya Buyin’? Buy something 200 CP

Main Story Challenges

Chapter completion and meeting particular rank requirements are required for each difficulty mode’s Main Story Challenges.

This category contains 30 objectives in all, awarding the player 34,000 Completion Points (CP).

Challenges How to Get Rewards
Mission Underway Beat Chapter 1 300 CP
Gift in the Blood Beat Chapter 2 300 CP
Infested Inside Beat Chapter 3 300 CP
The First Daughter Beat Chapter 4 300 CP
Glimmer of Hope Beat Chapter 5 300 CP
Farewell, Village of Terror Beat Chapter 6 500 CP
Shadows Within Beat Chapter 7 500 CP
Reunited Beat Chapter 8 500 CP
Dire Situation Beat Chapter 9 500 CP
The Depths of Hell Beat Chapter 10 500 CP
Adios, Caballero Beat Chapter 11 500 CP
Overthrowing the Castle Beat Chapter 12 500 CP
Another Rescue Beat Chapter 13 500 CP
Letting Go of the Past Beat Chapter 14 500 CP
I’ll Do My Job Beat Chapter 15 500 CP
Darkest Before Dawn Beat Chapter 16 500 CP

  • Professional Mode
  • Pinstripe Skin



A Rank Investigator Get an A rank in Hardcore 2,000 CP

  • Ashley’s Armor



Frugalist Don’t use recovery items at all 1,500 CP
Professional Agent Beat an NG on Professional without Bonus Guns 2,500 CP

  • Handcannon



Peerless Agent Beat the game on Professional difficulty 2,000 CP

  • Gas Mask



Leon “A.” Kennedy Get an A rank on the Professional mode 2,500 CP

  • Chicago Sweeper



Leon “S+” Kennedy Get an S+ rank on the Professional mode 3,000 CP

  • Cat Ears



Silent Stranger Don’t talk to the Merchant at all 1,500 CP
S+ Rank Investigator Get an S+ rank on the Hardcore mode 2,500 CP

  • Chicken Hat



Proficient Agent Beat the Hardcore mode 1,500 Cp

  • Glasses
  • Surgical mask
  • Flight helmet



Minimalist Use only knives and handguns to beat the game 1,500 CP
Missions Accomplished S+ Get an S+ rank on the Standard mode 2,000 CP

Deer Antlers



Missions Accomplished A Get an A rank on the Standard mode 1,500 CP

  • Square glasses
  • Knitted hat
  • Iron helmet



Promising Agent Beat the game on the Standard mode 1,000 CP

  • Round Glasses
  • Foam Mask
  • Cap



Sprinter Beat the game in 8 hours or less 1,500 CP

Combat Challenges

In the Resident Evil 4 remake, battle objectives are known as Combat Challenges. In order to earn 13,000 Completion Points, they advise the player to obtain unique kills and win all boss battles.

Challenges How to Get Rewards
Amateur Shooter Beat a Shooting Range task 200 CP
Capacity Compliance Don’t stop while riding to the clock tower rooftop 500 CP
Careful Where You Swing That Kill 5 enemies with the wrecking ball 300 CP
Did You Send Out Those Invitations? Don’t block windows in the Villa. 200 CP
Eat This! Throw an egg at an enemy 200 CP
Grilled Big Cheese Kill Mendez 500 CP
Hope You Like Thrill Rides! Beat the minecart mission with no DMG 500 CP
Harpoon Hurler Kill Del Lago 500 CP
In Tune with the Harpoon Kill Del Lago without missing a shot 500 CP
Knife Master Parry a projectile 200 CP
Light or Flight Don’t use Ashley’s lantern 500 CP
More Bang for Your Buck Shoot an enemy’s dynamite 200 CP
Now Who’s the Rookie? Parry 5 Krauser attacks back-to-back 300 CP
No Hot Bath for You! Kill the double giants without using the blast furnace 500 CP
Never Heard It Coming Kill a Garrador using only knives 500 CP
No Thanks, Bro! Kill Ramon Salazar 500 CP
Overkill Kill a Zealot with a Cannon 200 CP
Perfect Game Don’t miss a shot at the Shooting Range 300 CP
Quit Bugging Me Kill 5 hidden Novistadors 200 CP
Real Deadeye Get an S in Shooting Range tasks 1,000 CP
Respectable Marksman Get an S at the Shooting Range 300 CP
Stealthy Assassin Get 3 back-to-back stealth kills 300 CP
Shield Your Eyes Get 3 kills with a flashbang 500 CP
Slaughterhouse Slam Knife Mendez from the second floor 200 CP
Strrrike! Get 5 kills with the iron balls 300 CP
Smooth Escape Ride jet ski with no damage 500 CP
Trick Shot Drop 5 targets with one shot at a Shooting Range 300 CP
Too Cool for Such Tricks Kill Verdugo without nitrogen 500 CP
Two Bugs, One Stone Kill two Regenerador parasites with one shot 500 CP
Wave Goodbye, Right Hand Kill Verdugo 500 CP
You Used to Be a Good Guy Kill Krauser 500 CP
You’re Small Time! Kill Saddler 500 CP
You Talk Too Much! Throw a grenade at Salazar’s mouth 300 CP

Feat Challenges

The Resident Evil 4 remake’s Feats are the toughest Challenges.

They suggest collecting all of the game’s valuables, increasing HP, eliminating all of the game’s hidden bubbleheads, unlocking all weapons and attachments, and completing all of the tasks necessary to get 6,900 Completion Points.

Challenges How to Get Rewards
Astute Appraiser Sell a treasure for 100K 500 CP
Bandit Get all Village treasures 1000 CP
Burglar Get all Castle treasures 1000 CP
Crafty Crafter Get all recipes 300 CP
Doing Some “Overtime” Complete all Challenges 0 CP
Gun Fanatic Get all weapons 0 CP
Jack of All Trades Complete all Requests 1000 CP
My Body is a Temple Maximize Leon’s HP 300 CP
Parts Enthusiast Get all attachments 500 CP
Revolution Wind-up Destroy all Clockwork Castellans 1000 CP

  • Primal Knife



Raider Get all Island treasures 1000 CP
Size Matters Get the largest Case 300 CP

The Completion Points: How to Use Them

The Extra Content Shop is where the player can use the earned CPs. For that, players must visit the Bonus part of the title menu and buy any additional figures, clothing, weaponry, or concept art from the store.

How to Identify Challenges as Complete and Incomplete

Go to the Bonus section of the title menu and choose “Challenges.” To view the available tasks, switch between the “All” and “Incomplete” Challenges options here. (The Pause Menu also provides access to challenges.)

For PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S users, the Resident Evil 4 remake is now available.


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