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PlayStation Plus Announces Extra And Free Premium Games For March 2023

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PlayStation Plus Free Games

(CTN NEWS) – After unveiling titles that all levels can get at the end of December, PlayStation Plus members will have extra and premium tiers of free game privileges to start the new year in 2023.

And I must say that based on the list of games that have been revealed, this will immediately make the PS Plus subscription worthwhile because members may only play games that are A+ grade or higher.

Let’s see; there will be some games distributed in that.

PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium Members Free Games 2023

Back 4 Blood | PS4, PS5

In the explosive cooperative first-person shooter from the makers of the Left 4 Dead series, join the battle against Ridden. In a four-player cooperative story game, battle through a harsh and constantly evolving planet.

Play online with up to three of your pals while collaborating to survive progressively difficult missions, or go alone and take command of your team. You must battle your adversaries, vanquish the Ridden, and retake the world with the help of your companions.

Dragon Ball FighterZ | PS4

Experience countless thrilling clashes with strong, distinctive combatants. Collect characters from anime series in gameplay that range from simple to master.

Create your squad and become an expert in 3v3 tag matches. Win-ranked matches against everyone who entered. Akira Toriyama, the franchise creator, oversaw the creation of new characters for the game’s story mode, which presents a previously untold tale.

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition | PS5

The monster I used to know is back. With an even more distinctive aesthetic! A new wicked menace has entered our world years after the Order of the Sword events.

Legendary demon hunters Dante and Nero must put an end to the danger. V joins forces with them alongside a brand-new character. These three men’s fortunes are connected in enigmatic and surreal ways.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm | PS4

In a choice-driven narrative adventure game, Chloe Price, 16, befriends the stunning and well-known Rachel Amber in an unexpected friendship.

They must cooperate in combating the evil as family secrets upend Rachel’s world.

Life is Strange | PS4

In keeping with the narrative of Max Caulfield, a senior in photography who learns she can go back in time to save Chloe Price’s buddy, the two find themselves looking into the unexplained disappearance of classmate Rachel Am.

In Arcadia Bay, Burr encounters the shadowy aspect of existence. Max discovers soon, however, that altering the past might result in a disastrous future.

Jett: The Far Shore | PS4, PS5

Welcome to an interplanetary adventure designed to provide humans on the point of extinction a future. in the guise of a narrative-driven action-adventure game.

Play the part of explorer Mei and be the first to set foot on an enigmatic aquatic planet. Control “jett” to explore a large, uncharted environment. Ride the waves down.

Ascends to the immaculately beautiful coastlines in a revealing manner and enters the forest through the ethereal grove of trees. Adapted to an open-world framework that was painstakingly created.

Together with your colorful friends, stand in front of challenges. Assume your part in the Guts narrative. regret and magic

Just Cause 4: Reloaded | PS4

In a new package, Cause 4 Reloaded offers even more amazing gameplay! An expansion of premium content is included in Just Cause 4 Reloaded. which includes all the improvements and features from earlier versions.

Investigate the distant region of Solis in South America. A dangerous location with conflict and secrets. Take in more than 100 square kilometers of foreign territory.

Through snow-capped mountain summits, the desert and the rainforest are connected. Create a grappling hook that is unique to you by learning different techniques.

To demonstrate one’s destructive skills and preferred playing style. Try out several different new vehicles, such as fighter jets and swift sports automobiles.

Omno | PS4

Omno is a solo exploration experience. That will lead you on a delightful adventure through a historical universe filled with puzzles, secrets, and challenges.

You will be helped on your adventure across forests, deserts, tundras, and even the heavens by the powers of extinct civilizations. miraculous, From adorable small lizards to the enigmatic gigantic and all other kinds of life.

Erica | PS4

Investigate Erica’s past to learn the startling truth behind your father’s passing. As you have a say in how the story plays out, you must deal with the consequences of your choices. You can reach the planet by interacting with hints and selecting crucial actions.

PlayStation Premium Membership | Classics

Siphon Filter 3 | PS1

It is said that special agents Gabe Logan and Lian Xing planned to disseminate the lethal Siphon Filter virus throughout the entire world. Who can unearth a secret plot and stop the virus?

Play a mission-rich game that combines battle, stealth, and assassination. Several mini-games, such as dodging, takedowns, and demolition. Reverse rendering has been improved in this Siphon Filter 3 version. rapid video capture and unique video filters

Star Wars Demolition | PS1

Battle your way through 8 challenging battlefields and 4 game modes while selecting one of the more than 10 legendary starships from the Star Wars film series.

Demolition missiles from Star Wars and proton torpedoes. Rewind, rapid save, image rendering, and custom video filters have all been added to this version.

Hot Shots Golf 2 | PS1

It’s time to polish your golf equipment! Introducing the golf game with captivating graphics and enticing gameplay. Gives golfers a fantastic experience. A rollback display has been added to this version to improve it. rapid video capture and unique video filters

On January 17, all of the titles will be free to download. PlayStation owners who are interested can sign up for PlayStation Plus here.


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