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Learn More About PUBG Mobile’s 2.8 Update And Frag Grenade Update

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Learn More About PUBG Mobile's 2.8 Update And Frag Grenade Update

(CTN News) – In the upcoming update for PUBG Mobile, a popular battle royale action game, teammates will not suffer any harm as a result of frag grenades that will be available.

A beta version of PUBG Mobile 2.8 has been released that reveals the changes that will be included in the upcoming update. Here are some more details that you might be interested in.

As the name suggests,  Player Unknown’s  Battlegrounds Mobile is a battle royale game in which four-man squads engage in a battle for survival and guns and grenades are the most important weapons to use in order to eliminate your enemies.

As a result, friendly fire is not available in PUBG Mobile, however, you can damage or eliminate your own teammates with your grenades. As part of the upcoming 2.8 update, the friendly fragmentation is going to be removed, as promised in the upcoming update.

There is no damage that your teammate will receive as a result of your grenade, but you will receive some damage if you are close to the damaged area of the grenade.

In the PUBG Mobile esports industry, which has been a crucial aspect of esports for many years, this upcoming update has already generated significant buzz.

Effect on Competitive Play

In the world of PUBG Mobile esports, grenades are one of the most important components.

In some esports matches, we have seen players knock out their own teammates with grenades; this is something that makes watching esports matches more enjoyable, but it will be removed once the update has been released.

Currently, players are shooting frag grenades at opponents out of concern that their own teammates might be in danger while pushing toward the rival squad, but with this update, players will be able to push the enemy team without having to worry about their teammates’ grenades.

It should be noted, however, that the PUBG Mobile 2.8 update has not yet been released, so for the time being, the game is still running on version 2.7.

In response to the PUBG Mobile Grenade Update that was released last month, multiple mixed reactions have already been received by the industry.

In any case, who can say for certain whether the upgrade will increase or decrease the game’s thrill?


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