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Epic Games Store Will Offer These Games For Free Starting September 14



Epic Games Store Will Offer These Games For Free Starting September 14

(CTN News) – What are the latest free Epic Games available on the Epic Games Store? Every week, Epic’s digital storefront offers at least one free game, ranging from AAA heavyweights to hidden indie gems.

If you log in week after week and add them to your library, you can build a backlog of titles you can return to at quiet times of the year or when you need a palate cleanser. Want to know what’s available right now, and what’s coming up next week? Continue reading.

This week’s Epic Games Store giveaway is 911 Operator – it will be yours to claim for one week only, so make sure to log into the Epic Games Store using either the official client or a web browser before September 21st if you wish to acquire it. This week’s free game, Spelldrifter, is described below.

What is the next free game available on the Epic Games Store?

The clue is in the name, really. In this intriguing indie simulator, Jutsu Games attempts to capture the real-life drama of dealing with emergency calls.

  • In the Emergency Dispatch mode, players are required to respond rapidly to incoming emergency reports. As well as answering calls, this involves providing appropriate instructions or dispatching police, fire, or paramedic units as needed.

  • A mix of serious, dramatic, funny, and sometimes irritating situations are portrayed in the game through over 50 recorded dialogues.

  • In the Free Play mode, players can choose from thousands of cities worldwide. A map with real street names, addresses, and emergency infrastructure is downloaded as part of the game. In addition, there are 6 unique events in the Career mode.

  • Managing a variety of police, fire, and paramedic units, including helicopters, police cars, and other vehicles.

  • Instructions on First Aid: Provide first aid instructions to callers in need.

  • Over 140 types of emergency reports keep gameplay interesting and challenging.

How can I get a free game from the Epic Games Store?

Free Range Games’ Spelldrifter combines classic roleplaying games with virtual trading card games.

Highlights of the game include:

  • Spelldrifter combines tactical RPG battles with collectible card game mechanics, giving players a unique gaming experience.

  • Players must think strategically about character placement and card usage in turn-based battles in this puzzle-like game.

  • “Spelldrifter” introduces the Tick System, a novel approach to card game strategy. Decision-making becomes more complex as each character action affects the timeline, creating opportunities for strategic advantage.

  • Players assemble a party of heroes and customize their decks, allowing for a wide range of playstyles and strategies.

  • An engaging storyline is promised to accompany the gameplay as players explore Starfall’s world in search of the entrance to the mysterious Labyrinth.


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