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A Basic Guide to Casinos Without Self-Exclusion or GamStop



A Basic Guide to Casinos Without Self-Exclusion or GamStop

The word self-exclusion is made up of two words. First is ‘self,’ meaning ‘an individual on their own.’ And second, ‘exclusion’ meaning the act of leaving something or staying away from it. Therefore, both these words come together to give birth to a new term called self-exclusion. It means ‘ the act of staying away from something, or in other words banning yourself from doing certain activities with your own free will.


The gambling industry is growing at the speed of algae. With better and more options for gambling and higher winning and losing chances, it makes it hard for gamers and gamblers to resist this sport. As a result, people’s growing interest and addiction towards gambling have led to casinos’ formation without self-exclusion or Gamstop.

Now you may be wondering why did I give so many details about self-exclusion when in the end, I will be talking about casinos that do not have self-exclusion facilities. Here is the thing. If you want to learn about cricket, you start with the basic things like a bat, and a ball used to play it. Similarly, how can you know more about casinos without self-exclusion when you have no idea about what self-exclusion means. Starting from the very basic level, this article will help you find everything about the relationship between casinos and self-exclusion.

What does self-exclusion mean in terms of gambling and casinos?

Let me explain this to you with the help of an example.

Suppose all your friends are into gambling, but you haven’t tried it even once. The curiosity and peer pressure make you want to try it. Henceforth, you start gambling at different casinos and in no time become addicted to it. But soon you realize that you need a break because maybe you are spending too much time on it. Moreover, if you feel like you cannot stop yourself from waging money on it, ultimately, all these things start producing negative effects on your family and work life. You will feel trapped as it will become hard to resist with time.

Now you have two options. The first option is to opt for self-exclusion at casinos. You can ask the casinos to ban you. Following this, the self-exclusion facilities at casinos will ban you for at least six months. You will sign an agreement that will state that your account will be completely closed for this duration. Any attempts for you to gamble would be completely discarded.

But then a twist in the story takes place. Within three months, you realize that you can manage your family and work with proper stability and balance. You realize that now you can return to gambling. But guess what? You can’t because remember you self-excluded yourself from it? Now what, suppress your will to gamble? Not really. You want to know how? Read the next section to find out.

Casinos without self-exclusion

The United Kingdom has created a unique self-exclusion program for casinos. When you decide to self-exclude yourself from casinos, you can still access some gambling sites in the country. This makes it easier for you to gamble even when you have opted for self-exclusion from casinos. There are casinos without self-exclusion that will help you in achieving this goal.

List of casinos that are not on GamStop

Here is a list of the best casinos without exclusion that you can find in the UK.

  • Royal Oak Casino
  • The red lion
  • Prestige spin
  • casino intense
  • Mister X Casino

Although there are other options, these are considered to be the best when it comes to casinos without self-exclusion or Gamstop in the UK.

To summarize gambling and casinos in a shell, we can readily say that it is the most fun and thrilling activity that one can take in adulthood. But at the same time, it is important to note that you should only join non-gamstop sites if you are fully in control of your gambling addiction. Make sure that you are not doing it because of your impulsive obsessive behavior towards gambling.

No matter how much fun or entertaining it may look, it can cause great destruction if done excessively. So, know your capabilities and only then go for them. Happy gambling!



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