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Pink Line Monorail Project Is 95% Complete And Will Open In The Near Future



Pink Line Monorail Project Is 95% Complete And Will Open In The Near Future

(CTN NEWS) – BANGKOK – It is anticipated that the Pink Line monorail project in Bangkok will be finished this year, with construction now standing at 95% completion.

The 53.5 billion baht public transportation project started construction in the year 2016.

It is anticipated that once it is finally operational, it will establish a connection between Khae Rai in Nontha Buri and Min Buri in the east of Bangkok.

Pink Line monorail It is intended to alleviate some of the ongoing traffic problems in northern Bangkok.

Monorail trains travelling on the Pink Line will make a total of 30 stops throughout the course of their voyage of 34.5 kilometres, which will begin at the Nontha Buri Civic Center Station.

Pink Line Monorail Project Is 95

/ Bangkok Post

It will finish at the Min Buri Station, connecting with the Purple Line of the MRT along the way.

The connection between the Orange Line and the Min Buri Station won’t be complete until the Orange Line work is finished.

From the Min Buri station, passengers will also have access to the newly constructed Impact Link branch line, which provides connections to several other rail lines.

It is also under development, and its opening is scheduled for 2025.

Through its three stops, the Impact Link connects to the Red Line of the SRT, the Green Line of the BTS, and the Grey and Brown Lines of the MRT.

Currently, it is only 10.5% finished, with just 4.5% of the train signaling systems being set up and 13.45% of the civil construction work being finished.

Bangkok's Pink & Yellow Monorail Lines are now doing test runs – Thailand Construction and Engineering News


It is believed that the Pink Line, along with the other new lines that are now under construction, would eventually reduce the excessive traffic while also giving commuters a choice that is economical, convenient, and friendly to the environment.

After several months of the building marred by disaster, the lengthy construction was finally attempted at a risk-free trial run in December.

Due to construction activities, flooding was caused in Nontha Buri at the beginning of September of the previous year.

The flood, which reached a height of fifty centimeters, was responsible for the destruction of the classroom flooring and the equipment at a school.

The school director filed a complaint with the police and demanded the building company accept responsibility for the damage.

In addition, the construction of the Pink Line was responsible for the collapse of a road in Bangkok just one week later.

Pink Line Monorail Project Is 95 1


At approximately 9.30 in the morning, a section of Chaeng Wattana Road near Central Chang Wattana dropped approximately two meters and destroyed approximately ten square meters of the road.

Consequently, two of the road’s four lanes were closed while construction workers repaired the damaged area.

Heavy rain began to fall just as the Pink Line construction company, Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction, had reached halfway to burying electric lines close to the location.

Because the hole wasn’t patched, the surrounding sand, cement, and dirt became contaminated by the flood water, which ultimately led to the road’s collapse.


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