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It’s Mid-Afternoon In Kyiv, Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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Early Tuesday morning, two people were killed in strikes on four buildings in Kyiv’s residential areas. Ukrainian officials estimate more than 2,500 civilians have been killed in Mariupol, and those who remain have no electricity, water, or heat.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called on other countries to help Ukraine ahead of meetings with the Polish, Slovenian, and Czech prime ministers, who are acting as representatives of the European Union.

It’s mid-afternoon in Kyiv, Here’s what you need to know

Kyiv under attack: A residential area in western Kyiv was shelled early Tuesday morning, killing two people, Ukraine Emergency Services reported. On Tuesday evening through Thursday morning, a curfew will be in effect in the city. Almost every house in the northwestern part of Moschun, near Kiev, has been damaged.

Zelensky to meet EU leaders: Morawiecki, Jan*a, and Fiala will meet Zelensky in Kyiv to confirm the EU’s “unequivocal support” and “present a broad package of support.”

350,000 trapped in Mariupol: A local official estimates that 350,000 people are still trapped in Mariupol, the Ukrainian city that has been besieged by Russian troops since March 1. According to him, most of the population lived in “inhumane conditions,” melting snow and dismantling the heating system to get drinking water.

Fresh sanctions: New sanctions have been announced against Russia. EU sanctions target more than 600 Russian nationals, according to French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, who called it a “historic decision.” UK sanctions include a ban on luxury goods exports to Russia and tariffs on goods worth more than $1 billion.

Further casualties: In a strike in northwestern Ukraine on Monday, at least 19 people were killed, officials said Tuesday after initially reporting no casualties. The strike occurred near the city of Rivne, and the area is still being cleared.

NATO leaders meeting on the cards: NATO leaders may meet in Brussels next week for what would be an extraordinary meeting, according to a diplomatic source. Separately, this week’s NATO defense ministers meeting is expected to focus on the next steps the alliance should take to strengthen its defensive capabilities in eastern Europe following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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