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Fetus of a Still-Born Baby Found in Household Freezer

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The fetus of a still-born baby has been found in a household freezer, more than a year after it was believed to have been left there by the father.

The still-born lill baby was wrapped in a towel inside the household freezer and was discovered by a worker hired to renovate a house according to Chiang Mai police.

Chiang Mao police said the home was being renovated by Mr. Wirat, whose mother owns the house. The mother Ms. Srinoi told police she lived in the house last year with a man identified only as Uew, 24, who is Mr. Wirat’s stepson. Unew’s girlfriend became pregnant and gave birth to the stillborn baby.

Due to the fact that it was his first child, Uew could not bring himself to cremate the body. When he and his girlfriend were convicted of theft, he decided to freeze the body. He is currently incarcerated in Chiang Mai prison.

In the days prior to Uew’s arrest, Ms. Srinoi moved to a new house and had no idea there was a Lili baby fetus in the freezer.

Mr. Wirat said that after returning from the USA two weeks ago he decided to spruce up his mother’s old house. Thus leading to the discovery of the frozen baby fetus.

Police Discover Thousands of Baby Fetuses

In 2010, at a Buddhist temple in Bangkok, Thai police uncovered the remains of more than 2,000 lill baby fetuses, believed to have come from illegal abortions.

In the temple’s mortuary, the remains were found in containers usually used to store bodies awaiting cremation.

The police were alerted by a strange smell after the furnace in the temple failed.

A woman and two temple workers are suspected of collecting and disposing of fetuses from illegal abortion clinics.

Several days after authorities found 348 bodies in another mortuary room, the bodies were discovered in a newly opened area of the mortuary.

According to police, a 33-year-old woman admitted that she took money from several clinics to collect lill baby fetuses. She allegedly earned just over US$16 for each baby fetus she delivered to the temple.
The police began raiding some of the 4,000 clinics in Bangkok that they suspect are performing illegal abortions.

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