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Which Color Gemstones Look Best in Engagement Rings?



Which Color Gemstones Look Best in Engagement Rings?

Diamonds have dominated the world of engagement rings for decades. And, of course, De Beers’ most prominent slogan ‘A Diamond Is Forever’ is the key reason why diamonds became a sensation among women of all ages.

But wait… after being in trend for so long, diamonds have now become a common choice for every woman, especially when it comes to the engagement ring.

And it’s time to break free from the traditional diamond engagement rings and pick something hot and beautiful that sets you apart from others.

If you want to break free from the traditional choice diamonds, then color gemstones are a perfect choice for you.

Yes, you heard it right! Color gemstones are unique, royal and classy choices for the engagement rings.

But don’t just pick the gemstone based on its compelling appearance. Look for durability, clarity and wearability to design an engagement rings that matches the elegance of your individuality.

So now let’s quickly discuss the most coveted color gemstone engagement rings options that will certainly match your singularity.

1. Blue Sapphire

When we hear sapphire, we commonly associate it with the color blue. But this is not it; sapphire comes in all colors of the rainbow (except red), making it the most popular choice for a color gemstone engagement rings.

While every color of sapphire is classic and regal in itself, blue sapphire is the most coveted among women.

Blue sapphire engagement rings became trendy when Kate Middleton got proposed to with Princess Diana’s blue Ceylon sapphire ring.

The breathtaking blue sapphire is an ideal choice for your exceptional engagement rings. The royalty, durability and beauty that the blue sapphire exudes will surely make heads turn for a second look.

2. Ruby

Want to design an engagement rings that represents romance, love and passion? Great! Ruby is the cream of the crop if you want to make a statement engagement rings.

Well, thanks to ruby’s compelling red color that symbolizes deep and passionate love, making it the most desired stone for the engagement rings.

Apart from exceptional beauty and rarity, the durability of ruby makes it an ideal gem for the engagement ring that you can wear for generations to come.

3. Alexandrite

Diamonds might be forever, but alexandrite may not. Natural alexandrites are very rare & expensive and will make a unique engagement rings for you if you love to flaunt your charming personality.

The color-changing feature (emerald by day, ruby by night) of alexandrite is the reason why it makes a perfect gem to be set in a dazzling engagement rings setting.

The changing color of alexandrite represents two worlds – spiritual and physical, making it a stone of the mind.

Alexandrite also symbolizes good luck and fortune which is much needed when you are going to start a new journey with your partner.

Choose a unique ring setting that matches the grace of your outfit and makes your engagement day remarkable.

4. Emerald

A gem that exudes a lively green hue and the glimpse of which stays with you forever – emerald is a complete package when it comes to designing an engagement ring.

If you’re looking for a royal option for your color gemstone engagement ring, then an emerald engagement ring will surely gratify your fancy.

Emerald symbolizes wealth & royalty and makes a perfect alternative to a traditional diamond engagement ring. This ring will be a symbol of your regal personality and make your finger look more beautiful.

5. Tanzanite

Nothing can be more exciting than having in your engagement rings a rare stone that would go extinct in the upcoming decades, right?

Tanzanite is much rarer than diamonds and is found only in a minute area of Tanzania.

The rarity and appealing color of tanzanite make it a perfect alternative to diamond engagement rings. The indigo-blue tanzanite engagement ring will capture attention from everywhere and add character to your outfit.

Choose a halo ring setting if you want to add a royal touch to your tanzanite engagement ring. The encircling diamonds around the centerstone will add more sparkle to the tanzanite and elevate your overall appearance.

6. Aquamarine

The oceanic beauty, soothing blue-green color and symbol of fidelity make aquamarine a stone worth adding to your jewelry collection.

The aquamarine engagement ring becomes more elegant and classic when surrounded by diamonds. With aquamarine rings, oval, round and emerald-cut will bring out an even amount of colors and highlight the beauty of the stone.

You can couple your aquamarine engagement ring with a pair of stunning dangle earrings and a solitaire necklace to draw all attention to your unique style statement.

Final Words…

By opting a color gemstone engagement ring, you set yourself apart from others. Color gemstones are a great run off from traditional diamonds and show the royal, classic and bright side of you.

It’s up to you whether you choose a sapphire engagement rings, ruby engagement ring, alexandrite engagement ring or any other color gemstone ring; you will surely stand out with a color gemstone engagement ring.

Make a color gemstone engagement rings a part of your new journey with your partner. Wishing you love and prosperity.

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