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Tinder has Launched a Series of “Healthy” Dating Guides



Tinder has Launched a Series of Healthy Dating Guides

(CTN News) – In conjunction with No More, a worldwide non-profit devoted to ending sexual assault and domestic abuse, Tinder has released several “healthy” dating recommendations.

Tinder’s new features of healthy dating

The guides will cover topics related to each dating stage and provide advice. Some publications concentrate on possible warning signs, while others consider how to broach the issue of closeness and sex.

A wealth of material is available about dating safely and maintaining respect beyond the first date. The guidelines are intended to empower and are written in an approachable, conversational way.

For instance, one manual states: “Never allow yourself to be or act in a way that is not who you are. For instance, don’t drink if you don’t want to.

Also, while you’re still getting to know each other, don’t feel compelled to provide personal information. Take your time, despite their seeming brilliance and charm. Do not rush into something you are ill-prepared for “.

Tinder has Launched a Series of "Healthy" Dating Guides

Tinder has Launched a Series of “Healthy” Dating Guides

The information is accessible on No More’s website and will be available for two weeks beginning November 26th in-app on Tinder. This will be communicated by a swipe card that directs Tinder users to No More’s website.

No More aims to change the culture and raise awareness and has over 1,800 linked organizations and chapters worldwide.

In their lives, one in four women and one in nine men encounter abuse from relationships, according to the NGO. Meanwhile, one in three women and one in six males have personally suffered sexual violence.

In their study on online dating, No More discovered that 72% of people between the ages of 18 and 25 are just as worried about their emotional safety as they are about their physical health.

Tinder has Launched a Series of "Healthy" Dating Guides

Tinder has Launched a Series of “Healthy” Dating Guides

“Given the emphasis on utilizing dating apps these days, one of our purposes is to give assistance on how to chat and engage with someone you’ve matched with online,” explains Pamela Zaballa, CEO of No More. The recommendations are “a great step forward in initiating a discourse around dating,” Zabella said.

Over this year alone, Tinder has introduced many safety features and procedures, including a new background check tool.

According to Rory Kozoll, director of trust and safety products at Tinder, “the launching of the Healthy Dating Guides is a welcomed extra tool for our users.”

Working with No More allows us to carry out our aim of helping people who start online dating establish healthy relationships right away.

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