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The Best Natural Looking Wigs For Black Women



The Best Natural Looking Wigs For Black Women

“If you braid too much, you’ll destroy your edges; if you keep stretching your hair, you suffer heat damage,”….and it goes on and on and on. As a black woman, there’s so much you can’t and shouldn’t do to your hair.

Not because you cannot but because, in the long run, you can cause irreversible damage to your hair. This was the case until human hair lace front wigs were invented.

We were nothing short of ecstatic with this invention. The best part is now some wigs replicate the exact texture and look of natural hair. It doesn’t matter if it’s 4b or 4c hair. There is so much variety.

Apart from lace front hair wigs, there are also headband wigs. This particular type of wig is practically the easiest the wear and style.

If, as a black woman, you are looking to get the best natural-looking wig, here are some must-haves for you.

Afro Kinky Wig

Afro to a black woman is like a glass of wine, a match made in heaven and set in stone. Kinky wigs are usually a replica of type 4b or 4c hair.

So, if you are a black woman looking to wear natural hair without her natural hair, this is the wig for you.

This wig emulates the dense and thick coils of natural hair. All you need to do for this kind of wig is put it on your head. You can decide to pluck out some strands to give the afro more volume.


Kinky Curly Wig

A kinky curly wig is perfect for women with a type 3 hair look. You can get a human hair kinky curly wig or a premium fibre kinky curly wig. The difference is usually hard to tell.

To achieve a more realistic/natural look, you can cop a kinky curly lace front wig. Or you can opt for a full fringe look. Either way, this wig looks incredible on black women.

If you love a dramatic and full look or a simpler one, kinky curly wigs come in various sizes. You have to pick the one that works best for you.


Deep Wave Wig

The deep wave wig is a type of loose curly hair and is one of the trendiest and highly sought-after wigs. It is natural looking, sleek and gorgeous. Every black woman deserves a deep-wave wig.

It is usually sold as a closure or lace front wig, sometimes with HD lace for a more natural look. When getting this wig, ensure it is a pure virgin human hair wig that lasts longer and is easier to care for.

It is best to rock this wig side parted with lots of inches for a trendy look. You can opt for 18 inches and above, but this hair also looks stunning in shorter lengths. So pick whatever look works best for you.

This wig has the texture and definition of type 3A hair, so it looks natural. Supposing you want to switch up your look, the deep wave wig is what you need.


Pixie Curls Wig

Simply illuminating, dazzling and natural. The pixie curls wig is another natural-looking human hair wig. This wig is usually water-friendly, so you can spray water on it if you want it to look wet.

You can get this wig with a closure, lace front or fringe/bang. Either way, it will always look natural and amazing on black women because it has a similar definition to type 3B and A hair.

This wig can be rocked in different lengths. You can rock it as short as 8 inches or as long as 18. But most people prefer it in short lengths. For more volume, it is best to get the pixie wig as a double-drawn or super double-drawn.

Body Wave Wig

The body wave wig is one of the most gorgeous, natural-looking wigs available today. It has the look of silk-pressed natural hair.

Black women who are scared of heat damage to their natural hair but want a wavy look need the body wave wig. Its versatility and style make it one of the trendy wigs. Any woman can rock this wig and would be fabulous in it.

Long, short or medium lengths look amazing on this hair. For the full experience, get a lace front body wave wig. So you can try out different styles from time to time after installation.


Water Wave Wig

This wig is pretty similar to the deep-wave wig. However, the difference is in their curl pattern. Water wave curls move in opposite directions, while deep wave curls move in one direction.

Water wave wigs are luxurious, glossy and natural looking. They would look perfect on the head of any black woman, especially as a lace front wig. If you want something, you can slip on and off at any moment, then go for a glueless frontal or closure wig.

This wig is also beautiful in different lengths. It doesn’t matter if it’s short or long. You can spray a little water on the wig and brush downwards for a glossier or wet look.


The best natural-looking wigs for black women are wavy, curly or coily wigs. Albeit, you can go for straight wigs if that suits you best.

Although most people prefer to get these wigs in black, you can always try different shades of colour. Either single colours like red, blonde, brown, etc.

Or you can go for two-toned wigs in colours like piano, ombre, etc. When picking your preferred wig, it is best to pick a human hair wig. Not synthetic, fibre or blend. These wigs don’t look natural and are a chore to mention.

The best way to rock any of these wigs is either as an afro, lace frontal, headband or HD lace wigs But always pick a style that makes you feel confident, comfortable and beautiful.

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