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Thailand’s Government Commences Rice Price Guarantee Scheme

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Farmers who grow white rice will begin receiving cash handouts under the rice price-guarantee scheme, says Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit.

The Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives will hand out money to registered farmers, Jurin said. However only if the prices of their rice crops fall below a predetermined market level.

Should rice prices drop below the cap that the difference in prices will be shouldered by the state-owned bank.

“Farmers who grow white rice will be paid 2,469.64 a tonne. While those growing fragrant Pathum Thani rice will get 783.45 baht a tonne,” he said.

Under the scheme, the price of white rice paddy is guaranteed at 10,000 baht a tonne for a maximum of 30 tonnes per household.

Guaranteed Price for Rice Paddy

rice paddy

Meanwhile, the guaranteed price for Pathum Thani rice paddy is set at 11,000 baht a tonne for a maximum of 25 tonnes per household.

Mr Jurin will officially launch the scheme — which will expire in October 2020 — in Ayutthaya’s Lat Bua Luang district.

“At present, three other types of white rice paddy in the price-guarantee program. Namely Thai Hom Mali, regional fragrant rice varieties and glutinous rice with 15% moisture content. They fetch high prices in the market, so we won’t pay the difference,” he said.

If the prices of Thai Hom Mali, regional fragrant white rice varieties and glutinous rice begins to decline, then the government will step in to guarantee their prices.

“Farmers who grow Thai Hom Mali white rice paddy will have their crop prices guaranteed; up to a maximum of 14 tonnes per household; while price guarantees for those growing regional fragrant rice varieties and glutinous rice will be limited to 16 tonnes per household,” he said.

Mr Jurin also said he will also ask the cabinet to approve another price-guarantee scheme for rubber.

“If the rubber price-guarantee scheme get the green light from the cabinet. Officials can start paying the difference to farmers as early as November,” he said.

Source: Bangkok Post

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