Rakhi Ideas For Kids To Buy
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Rakhi Ideas for Kids to Buy

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How To Find The Best Rakhi For Kids?

Are you going to celebrate Rakshabandhan with your little brother but are confused about finding the best Rakhi for him?

If yes, here are some ideas to help you select the best Rakhi for your little brother.

Children are notorious and always try to seek the attention and affection of elders. So, comfort must be the top priority when choosing the Rakhi if you are blessed with a naughty and small brother.

So, let’s go through some trendy rakhi for kids to fill their hands with colourful Rakha sutra.

10 Best Rakhi Ideas for Kids to Buy in 2022

1] Soft Thread Rakhi

Kids are very sensitive, and their skin is very soft, so always remember that the Rakhi you are buying should not prick the child’s soft skin, always buy Rakhi with soft threads. You can choose soft threaded Rakhi, which has no more hard gems, only a simple thread with some soft gems.

2] Cartoon Character Rakhi

You can choose the cartoon character Rakhi, where you will get a Rakhi with some amazing cartoon character stickers which a child will like.

There are varieties of cartoon characters Rakhi is available in the local market to purchase, or you can go with Online Rakhi Delivery. You can choose Doremon, Tom and Jerry, Chota Bheem, little Hanuman, or Shinchan character Rakhis which is popular for kids.

3] Band Rakhi For Kids

Many fancy Rakhi bands available in the market are properly designed after considering the kids.

It is the Rakhi with a nylon band with various stickers stuck on it, which your child will like. Also, neither will it break quickly, nor will the child have trouble wearing it.

4] Bracelet Rakhi

You can choose Bracelet Rakhi for your little brother, made with string and beads. Such bracelet rakhi is soft and smooth that looks nice on children’s wrists.

They amaze and play with the beautiful Rakhi so that you can purchase the bracelet-style Rakhi for your little brother.

5] Slap Band Kid Rakhi

Slap band kid Rakhi is also an option to choose if you want to make your brother happy. A slap band rakhi is made of a foldable plastic stick and designed with some amazing stickers on it. After slapping it on a wrist will automatically fit on the hand.

That’s why it is a popular and interesting rakhi you can choose for your little brother.

6] Silicon Bracelet Rakhi

The rakhi band is made with silicon with lots of small nylon toys like fruits, animals, etc., stuck on it.

These rakhis are soft and enhance the beauty of the children’s wrists. So, in this Raksha Bandhan, try to buy the best Silicon bracelet rakhi to tie your small brother.

7] Super Hero Rakhi

If your little brother loves superheroes like superman, batman, Spiderman, etc., then there are lots of Rakhi available, which are made for your brother.

It has different characters of superheroes, and their weapons or shield stickers are stuck, which can make your brother think that he is a superhero.

8] Foodie Rakhi

If your little brother loves to eat different dishes like burgers, sandwiches, cake, pastries, etc., you can tie him a foodie rakhi.

In this Rakhi, a variety of food item centrepieces is paired with some artificial pearls, which can be used to decorate his room after Raksha Bandhan.

9] Moving And Adjustable Centerpiece Rakhi

Today’s variety of Rakhi is available for kids, in which the masterpiece is adjustable and can move.

The kids will enjoy it because they will get an option to change the masterpiece which they like most. You will get different masterpieces with a single Rakhi to select one and adjust it as per your choice. It’s really amazing to do for your younger brother.

10] Toy Toon Led Rakhi

In today’s world, Rakhi has become advanced and modern, so there’s an option to choose a toy toon-led Rakhi for your brother.

It has colourful led lights in the Rakhi. After pressing a given button, it lightens and amazes every kid.


So, we have discussed the variety of Rakhi you can choose for your little brother. These modernized Rakhi are not generally available in the market, so that you can order them online.

Or, if you want to celebrate the Raksha Bandhan simply, you can choose traditional silk thread Kids Rakhi Online or cotton rakhi for your little brother, which is soft and favourable for health. So, prepare a beautiful rakhi thali with a Diya, some roli chawal, and sweets to celebrate this auspicious tradition.

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