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Environmental Awareness and Relationships: Is There a Correlation?



Environmental Awareness and Relationships

Do you have a hybrid or are you still a muscle car enthusiast? Chances are being a petrolhead won’t push women away. However, environmental awareness is the new sexy. Men who love nature and are willing to sacrifice their diesel engines might be getting romance more in their relationships than you believe.

Okay, sex aside, everybody loves a partner who is environmentally aware. It means you care about the high state of pollution and are concerned regarding gas emissions. Caring for what the future holds means you consider the next generation, including your kids and their children.

Foreign and Local Women

Let us imagine you are male and seeking women from exotic locations. A lady from South America or another third-world state has experienced enough carelessness. Upon finding and securing a lady online, like a Colombian wife, you might notice her grave environmental concern. Meeting women on Goldenbride from Slavic nations opens your eyes to being passionate too. Wherever your partner comes from, not being aware of the pollution that is rampant today might have you blacklisted. Here is why environmentally aware and friendly men are keepers.

1. Animals

If you love animals ladies will flock into your inbox or house. Ladies indeed love animals. Caring for the environment means awareness of marine life, land life, and what flies above us. It means as a man, you are compassionate and caring towards others, including non-humans. Few people care much for animals. Our Hollywood era centers around fur coats and other animal products made by sacrificing animals. If you love fur or rabbit coats, avoid seeking women altogether. Unless your wife wears them too, you will be marginalized.

2. Going green

Most industrialized nations boast car production plants and other industries caring little for the environment. If you subscribe to pro-life websites and are against such practices, it helps with relationships. It means you are hoping to secure a better future for generations to come. It also means you are not as money-focused as most men, or indeed nations are. Going green leaves a warm feeling in a lady’s heart. She knows your home will be filled with healthy stuff only.

3. Nutrition

A healthy man eats no junk and focuses on less meat too. This means less sacrificing of cows, goats, and other animals. It may mean going vegan or vegetarian completely. When nutrition is important and thus environmental awareness is common, a family will eat healthily. A woman loves this approach because the man will rarely take kids on binging sprees. He would rather take them out for subway sandwiches than pizzas and burgers.

4. Muscle cars

These were popular among college students and jocks. However, times have changed and people are more environmentally conscious. Imagine picking up a girl for a date in a Prius. She might think you borrowed your mom’s car because the Mustang needs fixing. Surprise her with the fact that it’s yours. She will eagerly learn about your environmental pursuits.

5. Littering

Most neighborhoods in urban areas have loads of trash from seemingly refined tenants. There are bottles everywhere and paper that could be recycled. Be the guy in the neighborhood that recycles stuff. It creates a cleaner environment for your family and everyone around. Littering brings diseases to families too, including roaches and mosquitoes in some parts of the world. Bring cleaner air and parkways for your kids and all the kids in the neighborhood. Your woman will love you for it.

Bottom Line on the environment and relationships

He who finds a wife has found a good thing, and if she is environmentally aware, you will be blessed. Going green for a man might seem like a challenge but is worth it. Not only does it put you in a lady’s good books, the environment and universe will thank you.

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