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The 5 Asian Pulp and Paper Sustainability Principles

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Asian Pulp and Paper

Asian Pulp and Paper (APP) is one of the incredibly sustainable companies worldwide, delivering quality products to meet global demands efficiently. However, the company doesn’t just excel from its creative marketing approaches that most corporations use, but by being a responsible business entity. The company has touted its commitment to a sustainable future and has walked the talk, delivering on its promises. Therefore, every production company should incorporate the critical Asian Pulp and Paper principles, including the following.

1. Sustainable Products and Production Approaches

Asian Pulp and Paper use organic raw materials and nature-friendly production processes to guarantee a sustainable environment. It incorporates green practices and nature-based solutions that don’t harm the soil or water. Above all, the end products, including paper and tissue, are entirely organic and don’t bring harm to end-users. That’s an essential principle that most production companies strive to follow regardless of the niche, and it’s seemingly a case currently.

2. Sustainable Forest Management

Asian Pulp and Paper also take forest management with high regard throughout its production processes. The company has partnered with local NGOs and nature-loving corporations towards replenishing and replacing forest raw materials. It participates in tree planting and lends a hand in community programs geared towards afforestation. This practice has recently picked up the pace, thanks to this company’s pioneering effort. It laid the ground for the emergence of numerous afforestation programs with the prospect of restoring the lands’ green cover.

3. Empowering Forest Communities

Asian Pulp and Paper stands with the local communities, empowering them through outreach programs. It values its local community members’ contribution and helps decouple economic growth from deforestation. For an overview of the company’s measures while working with the community for a better tomorrow, please visit In addition to conducting outreach programs, Asian Pulp and Paper values each employee from the local setting and prioritizes their safety with its excellent occupational safety standards.

4. Fire Monitoring and Management

Fire has been the root cause of deforestation and has eaten away vast chunks of plant cover. Thankfully, Asian Pulp and Paper are well aware and incorporate measures to help counter the ravaging effect forest fires bring. Besides, the company works at its best to offer sustainable fire solutions through public participation to gather opinions on the best practices. That helps keep track of recurrent fires while closely monitoring and managing them.

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5. Waste Management

Asian Pulp and Paper also recycles waste and manages it without the risk of polluting the environment. Environmental degradation is rampant worldwide, and the company does its level best to offer sustainable waste management solutions by recycling, recovering, and re-using waste. Over the years, the company has recycled tons of waste, and internal reports suggested they notched up their effort by recycling 36% of waste in 2020 alone.


Asian Pulp and Paper is one of the top-notch, environmentally conscious, and sensitive entities guided by stringent sustainability goals. The company is well aware of how sustainable operations create a win-win situation for them and the environment and offer nothing less. Hopefully, numerous other companies will follow suit and help realize the global sustainability goals for a better tomorrow.


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