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How Overseas Pakistan Visits Freely to Pakistan?



How Overseas Pakistan Visits Freely to Pakistan?

Now, even if your NADRA Card has expired, you are still able to visit Pakistan without restriction. If your NICOP has expired, you can still enter Pakistan without restriction by getting a renewal slip from NADRA.

If there is no renewal slip available, individuals can still fly to Pakistan because they can get a free permit there by showing FIA immigration officers their NICOP (expired). The landing authorization is only good for 72 hours.

Anyone planning to travel to Pakistan with an expired NICOP or P-ORIGIN card has been notified by the Federal Immigration Agency (FIA).

Anyone traveling with an expired NICOP or other overseas card for Pakistanis is permitted entry into the country.

You only need a NICOP to travel freely to Pakistan, regardless of whether your NICOP is now valid.

You Can Get Your NICOP Online:

By visiting the NADRA Card Center, Pakistanis living abroad can apply for the Nadra Card Renewal Online UK without ever leaving their homes.

It will take 5-7 working days for your NICOP to arrive. Simply fill out the form; there is no need to stand in line or finish any paperwork.

We will take care of processing your application. Make sure to properly submit the documentation we requested from you.

After our representative completes the necessary papers on your behalf, your NICOP will be delivered right to your door.

Required Documents:

For us to finish processing your application, you must provide us with a few required papers, which are stated below;

  • Birth certificate Copies of parents’ or siblings’ NADRA cards
  • Most recent passport-size photo
  • A non-expired photocopy of a foreign or Pakistani passport (front page) Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • In the event that you have a Pakistani passport, kindly present it.

You Can Renew It If Expired:

You can renew your Nadra Card UK while relaxing in your own home.

To do this, all you have to do is get in touch with one of our agents by going to the NADRA Card Center website. Remember that all you have to do is message one of our agents via WhatsApp or online chat.

You must adhere to the instructions listed below to effectively renew your NADRA card.

  • Just go to our website, use online chat and WhatsApp to interact with a representative there, share your documents with them, and then wait for an application form to be provided to you once your documents have been confirmed. Then, you will be asked to submit a few of your fingerprints.
  • Within the timeframe that your agent had mentioned, your application will be delivered to your door ( fast delivery takes 7 to 10 days)

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