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Types of Housing Loans in Malaysia



Types of Housing Loans in Malaysia

In the vibrant and diverse country of Malaysia, homeownership is a dream cherished by many. To turn this dream into a reality, individuals often rely on housing loans.

Malaysia offers a variety of housing loan options tailored to different needs and financial situations. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various types of housing loans available in Malaysia, helping you make an informed decision when it comes to financing your dream home.

Conventional Home Loans

Conventional home loans, also known as term loans, are the most common type of housing loan in Malaysia. These loans are offered by traditional financial institutions such as banks and require borrowers to repay a fixed amount over a predetermined period. The interest rate for conventional home loans can be either fixed or floating, depending on the lender’s terms.

Islamic Home Financing

Islamic home financing, often referred to as “Islamic mortgages” or “Shariah-compliant home loans,” adhere to Islamic banking principles. Instead of charging interest, Islamic banks share the risk and profits with the borrower. This type of housing loan is an excellent option for those who prefer a Shariah-compliant approach to homeownership.

Home Equity Loans

Home equity loans allow homeowners to leverage the equity they have built in their property. This type of loan is ideal for those who need additional funds for home renovations, education, or other expenses. The loan amount is determined based on the current market value of the property and the remaining mortgage balance.

Government-Backed Loans

The Malaysian government offers various housing loan schemes to promote homeownership. One such scheme is the My First Home Scheme (Skim Rumah Pertamaku), which provides financial assistance to first-time homebuyers. Another notable program is the Public Sector Home Financing Board (Lembaga Pembiayaan Perumahan Sektor Awam or LPPSA), catering to government employees.

Joint Housing Loans

Joint housing loans allow multiple individuals, often family members or spouses, to apply for a loan together. This approach combines the income and financial strength of all applicants, increasing the chances of loan approval and potentially securing a higher loan amount.

Flexi Loans

Flexi loans, also known as “flexible loans,” offer borrowers the flexibility to make extra payments or withdraw excess funds from their loan accounts. This can help reduce interest costs and shorten the loan tenure. Many financial institutions in Malaysia offer flexi loan packages.

Home Loan for Expatriates

Expatriates living and working in Malaysia can also obtain housing loans. These loans cater to the specific needs of expatriates and are offered by various banks and financial institutions.

Low-Cost Housing Loans

Low-cost housing loans are designed to assist low-income individuals in purchasing affordable homes. These loans typically come with lower interest rates and extended repayment periods to make homeownership more accessible.

Commercial Property Loans

For those looking to invest in commercial properties, Malaysia also offers commercial property loans. These loans are tailored to the unique requirements of commercial real estate investments and are available from select banks.


Choosing the right housing loan in Malaysia is a crucial step in achieving your homeownership dreams. Whether you opt for a conventional loan, Islamic financing, or a government-backed scheme, it’s essential to carefully consider your financial situation and preferences. By understanding the various types of housing loans available, you can choose the best housing loan in Malaysia that suits your goals.

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