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Law Unemployment Crisis Hits the United States



There was a day when going into the law field guaranteed financial security, whether you were practicing in Thailand, the United States or elsewhere.

Getting into law school was difficult and becoming a respected and skilled attorney meant that you could find employment with the bat of an eyelash. Then the Recession happened, the finance sector went into crisis, and nothing has been the same. While it is still expensive to attend law school, graduates are finding it harder and harder to find employment with established law firms.

What It Means to Get into a Good Law School

If you think that getting into a regular four-year college is hard, be prepared to be shocked and awed when you take a closer look at the process for being accepted into law school. Simply put, it often takes more than getting good grades to get into just about any law school.

There’s LSATS in which high scores are expected. Then there are interviews, applications, and essays; all of which require applicants to show that they are not only of good character, but also great legal field prospects. Lastly, the competition for getting into lawschool is steep. Although the reality is that it is very difficult to become a successful practicing attorney in this day and age, there is still much prestige associated with having the title esquire associated with your name.

Expectations After Graduation

So, if you can get into law school, understand the materials, graduate and pass the bar, the next logical step is actually working. During law school there will be plenty of opportunities for you to volunteer, participate in clinics, and intern, but there is no longer any sort of expectation of transitioning into working for these law firms or agencies after getting out of school. For a lot of law school graduates, buying a law practice is the most ideal means of getting a job. At Lawbiz you may purchase already established law practices, avoid being out of work, and manage your debt. Emerging law students should be ready to search up how to ‘Buy My Attorney Practice’ just after graduation to help them prepare for the job market. Being a successful lawyer means thinking outside of the box and persevering regardless of what is going on in the world.

Seeking a Non-Traditional Employment Route

Generally, top performing law students were guaranteed jobs at top firms right after graduation. Graduating magna cum laude or even just attending a top 10 school meant that you would have more offers than you could keep up with. In the 2010s, law school graduates began flooding major cities in the hope of landing jobs almost anywhere, simply because the market had dried up in mid-sized and smaller sized cities. Now, the answer for legalprofessionalsseems to be going into solo practice right away. You can buy a law firm and get started up immediately after graduation even if you have little in the way of practical experience. Certain areas of law, such as criminal defense and family law are still fairly lucrative as everyday people are always going to need immediate and competent representation.

Pay is overall down for practicing attorneys while student loan debt rates are growing. It isn’t as easy to land a gig with a great law firm after graduation as it used to be. Even more sobering is the fact that thousands of law school graduates remain unemployed even years after graduation. You can improve your odds of being a success by looking into buying your own practice and going solo immediately after you pass the bar.

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