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The Importance and Necessity of Industrial Auctions

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Industrial auctions are an indispensable element for industries. Industry is a branch of activity in bulk production by changing the nature or form of a substance or power by means of machinery and similar tools, continuously or at certain times.

Since industries are using machines, they constantly buy and sell machines. As the machines are heavy and expensive products, industries resort to alternative methods of purchase. Therefore, the industrial auction is frequently preferred by industries. In general, industrial auctions take place between an industry and another industry.

However, this is done with the help of intermediary companies that regulate the auctions.There are many methods and elements to pay attention to for industrial auction. Industrial auctions can be done on-site or online. An industry may want to dismantle its machines for many reasons. For this, industries negotiate with industrial auctioneers.In industrial machinery auctions, the most sold and bought industrial machines are generally food and beverage sector, clothing and textile industry and construction machinery.There are many companies that provide industrial auction services to industries.

The Activities of Industrial Auctioneers

Industrial auctioneers, without distinction of large or small machine park, are conveying all their customers what they are doing in the background with all their transparency. The Auctioneers create the right atmosphere to bring together the buyer and the seller in the most suitable location for this process. What makes industrial auctioneers strong is that they can reach the buyer and the seller all over the world from every channel (on-site or online).

Industrial auctioneers collect reliable brands and utilize second hand equipment, especially construction equipment, such as transportation, mining, oil & gas, forestry and agriculture. The targets of the auctioneers in both the on-site and online auctions are unconditional sales. This is because industrial auctioneers can easily reach industries and organize auctions with different methods.

In industrial machinery auctions, it is possible to attract the interest of buyers in unconditional auctions, to reach more offers, to reach the global market value of the machine, to increase the confidence and to guarantee sales. Nevertheless, customers who want to keep control over the price are supported by online industrial machinery auctions.

Price Guarantee in Industrial Machinery Auctions

Industrial auctions are organized for a live, unconditional and auctions in a specific place, but sometimes there are customers with different needs. In this context, customers can be very far from the auction site, may not want to take their machine elsewhere, the machine may be too heavy or demand a price guarantee.

As a solution to this problem, industrial auctioneers give industry the opportunity to participate in live auctions online, as well as to participate in online auctions every month / week or to sell online via the option to reserve. The marketplace-e system for reserve sales allows industry companies to keep control over price.

In online industrial machine auctions, the machines are standing in the industries’ own fields and sold where they are. For this reason, online industrial machinery auctions are frequently preferred for companies’ price control and for many other important reasons.

Why Industries trust Industrial Auctioneers?

Industrial auctioneers generally offer certification services in the equipment exhibited in online industrial machinery auctions. In this context, expert experts visit the machines in the industry, take photographs and make a comprehensive review. Then the detailed reports are prepared and thus gain the trust of both buyers and sellers

Although the online industrial machinery auctions are a classic method, the most important feature that distinguishes an industrial auction company from other companies is the analysis of the large buyer portfolio and the machinery behind them. For example, if a machine is not working properly on the website as it reaches the industry, the industrial auctioneers are guaranteed to cover damages.

Other Services That Industrial Auctioneers Provide

The services of industrial auctioneers can be divided into 4 main categories: identifying the value and condition of the equipment, providing detailed service solutions, providing full protection with insurance solutions and providing transportation services.

In this context, the industrial auctioneers identify the state of the equipment and how much it will be sold through experienced professionals. Accurate assessments prior to industrial machinery auctions are key in achieving the desired price or learning the value of equipment in the global market. Year, brand and model description of the industries that want to make industrial machinery auctions, the value of their fleet or machines through the process of evaluating and field inspections; hour or mileage information; additional features that increase the value of the equipment; they collect and load information such as undercarriage or tire condition.

This information is evaluated based on previous auction results and market data. With the help of detailed service solutions, industrial auctioneers can change the appearance and image of the equipment completely and create significant differences for these potential buyers.

In this context, the industrial auctioneers provide all the attention to the machines with their services such as external and internal cleaning, sandblasting, welding, light mechanical repair, removal of decals, glass and floor repair. With insurance solutions, industrial auctioneers can prevent all risks (fire, damage, weather conditions) or losses.

Agreements with logistics companies save customers time and offer cost advantages. Because the machines are heavy, old, difficult to be transported and costly due to the customers generally want to stay in the industry machines. However, this problem is solved by the logistics services of industrial auctioneers.

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