The Most Important Features For Your Law Firm's Website


The Most Important Features For Your Law Firm’s Website



The Most Important Features For Your Law Firm’s Website

Maybe your law firm’s website needs a new website, or maybe your current site could use a makeover.

The good news is that if you know what must-have features should be on your wishlist, it won’t take much to build a website that works to grow your business.

So here are the facets that matter most when it comes to elements like usability and performance.

A responsive design

The majority of web browsing has been done on mobile devices for years now, so if your site doesn’t look good on small screens as well as large ones and every size in between, it won’t thrive.

Responsive design relies on having flexible layouts that can adapt to whatever device and browser a visitor is using, presenting information in a clear and digestible way.

Good search engine optimization

SEO is the magic ingredient that makes your website visible on search engines like Google. For law firms, this is particularly important because of how competitive the market can be.

There are various facets that go towards good SEO, from the speed with which pages load to the quality of the content the site contains.

Because getting SEO right takes a lot of work and expertise, it’s wise to leverage lawyer SEO services if you don’t have the necessary skills in-house.

A blog

We just mentioned the role of web content in fueling search engine optimization, and a blog is a great way to add quality copy to your site on a regular basis.

Lots of businesses use blogs to increase visitor numbers and to connect with prospective clients.

You can add value by posting articles about matters that are of interest to your audience, which of course means writing about legal issues that your firm can solve.

Again, if you don’t have the means of conjuring up blogs yourself, this can be outsourced to a freelancer or an agency.

A call to action

The primary purpose of your website is to promote your law firm, and so you want to encourage visitors to get in touch with you directly, preferably on every page.

That’s where a call to action (CTA) comes into play. This can be included as a separate interface element or integrated within the body of the content that you publish.

So long as you are asking visitors to call, email, or instant message your team, they’ll feel more compelled to do so, and your conversion rates will rise.

Just make sure that the contact information you provide in your CTAs, and on your site in general, is up to date. If you change your phone number, for example, remember to add this to your website ASAP.

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