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Jen’s English Tip’s – Confusing Words




Confusing Words in English


It’s / Its

It’s : contraction of “it is”.

Its : possessive pronoun or adjective.

It’s a filthy animal. Its name is piggy.

Fewer / less

Fewer : nouns that can be counted.

Less : nouns that cannot.

My aunt has less hair than my uncle. My uncle has fewer warts than my aunt.

Accept / Except

Accept : receive.

Except : not including.

The cheese factory will accept every animal except mice.

Lie / Lay

Lie : intransitive verb.

Lay : transitive verb (past tense of lie).

How dare he lie where I lay my head.

Flair / Flare

Flair : skill or talent.

Flare : a sudden blaze.


Julie has an artistic flair but her hair caught fire so she had a flare on her head



Compliment / Complement

Compliment : an admiring remark.

Complement : goes well together.

The sauce complements the steak. I compliment the chef.

Emigrate / Immigrate

Emigrate : leaving.

Immigrate : coming.

Look an emmigrant is leaving the country and an immigrant is entering the country.

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