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Custom Neon Sign Generator: 5 Reasons You Should Use One



neon sign generator

A custom neon sign generator allows you to customize your design with colors, shapes, and text. It also offers pre-made templates so you don’t have to start from scratch. Besides, you can create a unique look for your business or event that will turn heads. The following article, Orant Neon will help you understand this in more detail about this neon light.

1. Can you make a custom neon sign generator?

A custom neon sign generator is perfect for adding color and creativity to your home, business, or special event. At Orant Neon, everyone may express their artistic inclinations and decorate their homes with unique, handmade neon artworks.

You may be confident that custom neon light will satisfy all of your requirements, whether they are hung at your residence, place of business, or outside gatherings or events. We would love to help you create the ideal space with you.

In addition to the traditional ways, today’s businesses are even more creative when designing logos or store names with neon lights to attract customers’ attention. It helps restaurants, pubs, and hotels enliven the atmosphere for their patrons.

neon sign generator

Custom neon signs are the perfect choice to add creativity to your home or business

2. Do neon signs consume electricity?

Despite how brightly they glow, custom neon sign generator is highly energy-efficient and uses much less power than you might imagine. Most contemporary signs have a 240v transformer and utilize between 60 and 100 watts of electricity, comparable to one domestic light bulb.

While fluorescent and incandescent lights will use substantially more energy than a conventional LED neon sign, they will only need 15% – 20% of the electricity that a classic neon sign would to perform the same task. You can also use battery-operated neon signs if you just want to decorate the space with small LED patterns.

Neon signs are really energy efficient and use less energy

3. Neon and LED lights should choose which one?

LEDs consume less secondary electricity than neon lights if you seek the most energy-efficient lighting or signage alternative. While it is now relatively uncommon, huge neon displays occasionally require 15,000 volts, while LEDs only require 24 volts.

Considering LED versus neon for a sizable outdoor display could result in significant operating cost savings if you’re considering LED versus neon. However, there is little pricing difference between neon and LED lighting for a modest display or business sign.

It is also important to remember that energy efficiency is related to amperage, and a typical neon sign uses less than 1 amp. A custom neon sign generator will be more accessible to the eye than an LED sign,; therefore you should ultimately weigh the ongoing expense of your company’s sign against how enticing you believe it will be to your clients.

neon sign generator

Choosing LED lights can save you significant operating costs

4. Is Neon cheaper than LED?

The scale of the light display you are constructing will again affect the cost difference between LED and neon signage. Although LED is roughly 10% less expensive than neon signs for large outdoor displays, you must still consider whether the cost savings are worthwhile.

When considering cost, you should remember that a custom neon sign generator is much more likely to have a longer lifespan than an LED sign without needing maintenance or component replacement. Although this may tip the scales in favor of LED when discussing high expenses, the cost difference between neon and LED for smaller interior signage is negligible.

neon sign generator

The cost difference between neon and LED for smaller interior signage is negligible

5. How long can neon last?

The lifespan of a neon LED sign is over ten years, three times longer than that of a conventional neon sign. Additionally, the adapter fails and causes the neon LED sign to stop functioning. However, adapters can be quickly changed.

The frequency of use and maintenance quality affect the neon LED sign’s lifespan. The average lifespan of neon LED signage is eight to ten years. Nevertheless, a lot of them last a lot longer.

The neon LED comprises a collection of LEDs, so there is less chance of power failure. There are no complicated machinery or gears in neon LED signage. Thus, the neon LED sign can survive very long without additional care.

neon sign generator

Neon LEDs consist of a collection of LEDs so there is less chance of power outages

It might be challenging to maintain a typical neon sign. A neon sign’s lifespan might be shortened if left on for extended periods. Over time, even exposure to direct sunshine can harm it.

A conventional neon sign’s gas tubes can occasionally become damaged due to increased electricity output. In neon LED signage, this issue is rare. Use a suitable grade adapter and move it outside to avoid most of these issues.

A classic neon sign is made up of several parts, each of which is susceptible to harm.

  • Transformer
  • Glass tubes
  • Wires and plug

After a few years, you could swap out a damaged tube or transformer with a conventional neon sign.

neon sign generator

The lifespan of a neon sign can be shortened if it is left on for a long time

With their easy-to-use interface and customizable options, you can create a custom neon light that will stand out. Whether you need a sign for outdoor advertising or indoor display, the custom neon sign generator creates the perfect look and draws in customers.

For those looking to complement their neon installations with modern digital displays, exploring digital signage design at National Signs can offer a seamless blend of tradition and innovation for your business. Its affordable price tag makes it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

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