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4 Key Aspects of Responsible Pool Ownership



4 Key Aspects of Responsible Pool Ownership

Having a pool at your residence makes you the envy of the block. There’s no greater pleasure than jumping into the crystal blue waters of your own private oasis and splashing around to your heart’s content.

That said, owning a pool comes with a set of responsibilities that must be fulfilled to ensure everyone has a good time. Pools can be dangerous if they’re not properly maintained or secured, and drowning is a serious risk that must be prevented at all costs.

Check out these four tips to ensure your pool is a paradise where all your friends and loved ones can enjoy a safe and refreshing paddle whenever they want.

1. Safety

Swimming and playing in any body of water comes with an inherent risk of drowning. People of any age can drown in water of just about any depth, but the dangers are greatest for children – particularly those under 5.

When children use your pool, they must always be supervised by an adult who is knowledgeable about drowning prevention. Encourage the use of floatation devices like water wings and life jackets, especially for young kids.

If you see anyone behaving recklessly or ignoring your safety rules, ask them to leave the area. It’s better to revoke swimming privileges than risk tragedy.

2. Regular Cleaning

Most outdoor pools have built-in filtration systems that help keep the water fresh and pure. These filters need to be cleaned from time to time to keep them in good working order.

It’s also a good idea to hire professional cleaning technicians to give your pool a thorough going-over at least once a week during periods of heavy use. A pool-cleaning machine can also help keep those waters crystal clear.

Dirty pools can cause ear, eye, and respiratory infections. Keeping your pool clean helps protect your loved ones’ health.

3. Pool Deck Maintenance

In addition to cleaning the pool itself, you’ll need to keep your deck or patio area in good repair. That means hosing down the concrete and wiping away grease, oil, and any other slipping hazards in the area.

You should also clear away blockages and obstructions that people could trip over. Keep life jackets, floaties, and other pool accessories stored away when not in use, and ensure there’s plenty of walking space on either side of any pool furniture such as tables and chairs.

While drowning is the biggest concern in terms of water safety, slips, trips, and falls account for most of the injuries around swimming pools. Remind children not to run on the deck, and hire a concrete cleaning service to keep the area in great shape.

4. Security

Unfortunately, backyard pools are often very tempting to trespassers. Not only is it unpleasant to have strangers on your property; you could be liable if they end up getting injured while swimming in your pool.

Having a fence around your property is a good way to deter would-be trespassers. You should also put a heavy-duty cover over your swimming area when not in use. A person looking for a late-night swim is unlikely to go to the trouble of scaling a fence and hauling away the cover before doing so.

You can also put up security cameras in obvious places around the swimming area as a further deterrent.

Enjoy Your Pool Responsibly!

Backyard pools bring endless joy and delight to kids and grown-ups alike. They’re the perfect place for young ones to learn to swim, and they’re a great gathering spot for older children and adults – as long as strict safety protocols are adhered to at all times.

Follow these four tips to keep everyone safe while they enjoy your home’s number one asset.

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