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Learning Thai

Learning Thai with Jen – Useful Directions To Know In Thai



Useful Directions To Know In Thai:

Notes:  Male speakers use Phom (“I”), and female speakers use “chun” or more formally “deechun”.  Male speakers use “khrup” at the end of a sentence, and female speakers use “ka”.

I want to go to Siam Paragon – Phom/chun dong gaanpai Siam Paragon Khrup/ka/

How do I get to the Grand Palace? – Phom/chunjapaiWatPraKeowdai yang raikhrup/ka /

Where is the post office?  – Prai-saneeyuu tee naikhrup/ka /

Where is the toilet? Hong namyuu tee naikhrup/ka /

How far is the beach from here? Chai we la gee na tie paitalaykhrup/ka /

Can I walk, or do I need to take a taxi? Phom/chunsa mart dernpai, ruu, chai lot taxi khrup/ka? /

Turn left – Leo saikhrup/ka /

Turn right – leokwaakhrup/ka/

Keep going straight ahead – Drongpairuayruaykhrup/ka /

Please stop here – Jod tee nee khrup/ka /

Please slow down – Ga-ru-na cha chanoikhrup/ka /

Please turn around – Ga-ru-nahaanlangglapduaikhrup/ka /

Please reverse – Ga-ru-na toy langkhrup/ka /

Be careful! – Ra wangkhrup/ka /

Please pick me up at 7 pm – Ga-ru-na ma rub phom/chun, neungthumdrongkhrup/ka /


All of Jen’s students say she is the best Thai teacher they have had because she is patient with them and teaches at their pace with no pressure to learn quickly.

Jen teaches at her home in Chiang Rai and can be reached on 0814 726 644

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