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Learning Thai with Jen – 15 Thai Love Phrases



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  1. Can I have your telephone number? – Cor ber tho-ra-sap kong khun dai mai khrup/ka?

(“Cor” goes down in tone. The “ra” in “tho-ra-sap” goes up in tone and the “sap” goes down in tone. “Dai” goes up in tone and “mai” goes down in tone).

  1. Can I call you? – Phom thor haa khun dai mai khrap/ka?

(use Chan with a downwards tone if you are a woman. “Haa” goes down in tone, “dai” up in tone and “mai” down in tone).

  1. Let’s go to eat together – bpai taan khao duai gan na khrub/ka.

(“bpai” sounds more like “by”/”buy”. “Khaao” sounds more like “cow” and goes up in tone. “Duai” goes up in tone. and “na” goes up in tone).

  1. Take care of yourself – Duu lae duaeng duai na khrup/ka.

(This is a little more difficult. “Duulae” sounds more like “dulair”. “Duai” goes up in tone, as does “na”).

  1. You are beautiful – Khun suuway jang loei khrup/ka.

(“Suuway” has a downward tone”.)

  1. You are handsome – Khun law ka.

(“Law” has a downward tone and is pronounced more like “lor” rather than “law”).

  1. You have beautiful eyes – Daa khun suuway mak khrup/ka.

“Daa” uses the Thai letter ‘Dtor dow’, which is a mix of the letter ‘T’ and ‘D’. However, when writing in phonetic form we tend to use ‘D’ because it’s a closer translation. Therefore you may also see “Daa” written as “Taa”.

  1. You have a beautiful/wonderful smile – Khun yim suuway khrup/ka.

(“Yim” goes upwards in tone, “suuway” goes downwards in tone).

  1. I miss you – Khit thueng khun khrup/ka.

(“Khit” is pronnounced more like “kit”, and has a downward tone).

  1. You are cute – Khun naa rak khrup/ka.

(“Naa” goes upward in tone, as does “rak”).

  1. You look sexy – Khun duu seksee khrup/ka.

(“Duu” has a downward tone. “Seksee” sounds just like “sexy” but with the syllables sustained longer and an upward tone).

  1. I really like you – Phom chorp khun mak mak khrup/ka

(“Haa” goes downwards in tone, “dai” upwards and “mai” downwards. If you are female replace “Phom” with “Chan”).

  1. I love you – Phom rak khun khrup (male).

(“Phom” goes downwards in tone, as does “rak”).

I love you – Chan rak khun (female).

(“Chan” goes downwards in tone, as does “rak”).

  1. You are special – Khun ben con pised khrup/ka

(“Pised” is pronounced “piss-ed”)

  1. I want to be with you forever – Phom dong gang yuu gap khun da lort bpai khrup/ka

Notes:  Male speakers use Phom (“I”), and female speakers use “chun” or more formally “deechun”.  Male speakers use “khrup” at the end of a sentence, and female speakers use “ka”

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All of Jen’s students say she is the best Thai teacher they have had because she is patient with them and teaches at their pace with no pressure to learn quickly.

Jen teaches at her home in Chiang Rai and can be reached on 0814 726 644

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