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Which Disney Cartoons Are Worth Watching if You’ve Already Watched Everything?



Which Disney Cartoons Are Worth Watching if You’ve Already Watched Everything?

Who among us doesn’t like cartoons? A lot of people stop watching cartoons, which seems rather strange.

After all, many Disney cartoons are not intended for children at all and have a secret meaning that only adults will understand. Cartoons give us joy, just like in childhood.

If you have already watched all the good Disney cartoons, and want to get a dose of joy and fun, then visit Woo Casino. Or read our list of cartoons below that you probably haven’t seen yet!

“The Sword in the Stone”, 1963

The cartoon is based on the legend of King Arthur. One day in London, out of nowhere, a huge stone with a sword firmly embedded appeared.

According to the inscription on the sword, whoever pulls it out will become the king of England.

And no one, except the wizard Merlin, suspects that it is not a valiant knight who has to do this, but a simple boy Arthur, who serves in the castle.

The cartoon was destined to become the last lifetime project of Walt Disney.

“Aristocratic Cats”, 1971

The action takes place in Paris at the beginning of the XX century. A family of aristocratic cats (a mother and three kittens) is in trouble:

they are kidnapped by a cunning butler who plans to steal a huge inheritance from them. Come to the rescue… the cat is a mongrel, but brave and charming.

The film is worth watching at least for the sake of the final song “Everyone wants to be a cat”, included in the collection “Super Hits of Disney”.

“Robin Hood”, 1973

Another adaptation of English folklore, only with animals in the main roles.

In the Sherwood Forest, the noble robber fox Robin Hood is operating, who robs the rich and gives money to the poor.

The cartoon, which did not have much success with a wide audience, blew the roof off to representatives of the furry subculture – lovers of anthropomorphic animal characters. In their environment, he is considered a cult.

“The Great Mouse Detective”, 1986

If a brave fox can be Robin Hood, why not a mouse deprived of intelligence become Sherlock Holmes? Basil lives in the house of the famous detective on Baker Street and, like him, investigates crimes, only in the mouse world.

And his faithful friend and biographer David helps him, of course, also a mouse.

In addition to the funny interpretation of Conan Doyle’s works, the cartoon is notable for the fact that it violated the ban on the display of tobacco products, which the Disney studio adhered to after its founder died of lung cancer.

However, we are not talking about Sherlock Holmes with his famous pipe, but about the main villain.

“Oliver and Company”, 1988

Another film adaptation of a work of English literature. The plot is based on Dickens’ novel “The Adventures of Oliver Twist”, but the action is transferred to modern New York.

Oliver the kitten finds himself on the street, finds friends and leads a life full of adventures.

The cartoon was the first brainchild of the company, which used computer image processing. Many of the objects (cars, concrete mixer, spiral staircase, piano) are created and animated on a computer.

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