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How to Benefit from Spotify Artist Profile



How to Benefit from Spotify Artist Profile

People who search for new music will like to hear your tracks if you have a unique profile.

Besides crafting distinctive and relevant songs, your appearance and spoken words should set you apart from other artists.

Your music will gain more exposure when listeners closely relate to you. Consequently, it will have more streams on Spotify.

Creating an impressive Spotify artist profile

You can use an eye-catching Spotify profile to improve the discoverability of your songs and follower count. Below are the steps for creating a Spotify profile.

  • Visit Spotify for Artists’ site and sign up. Then, verify your account. Besides a blue tick signifying the verification of your profile page, there are other benefits. You can customize your profile, check audience statistics, and interact with the platform’s editorial staff and indie playlist curators. You can access Spotify’s promotional tools, increasing your plays.
  • Choose the right photo for your profile. An image that displays your elegant looks, life philosophy, and music’s beauty is ideal. High-quality, vibrant, and bright photos are easily noticeable. You can draw attention to your page by creating a picture gallery. Then, add several photos to give information about your releases. Adding new pictures of your music production will help update the profile. Besides, altering the sequence of their appearance or deleting the old ones can refresh your profile.

Spotify allows you to add a maximum of 125 photos to your profile.

Also, the supported image formats are jpeg, gif, and png.

These pictures shouldn’t be more significant than 20 MB. They should be of a high resolution, not less than 2660×1140.

  • Write a captivating biography for your profile. Revealing what motivates you and giving information about your exceptional achievements, including the awards you received, will appeal to the audience. Also, describe your passion for your music creations. You can include your excellent performances and other people’s reviews of your tracks.

Other people’s positive views of your music show that your songs are worth your audience’s attention.

In addition, you can include links to your music, tracks you‘ve been featured on, and even playlists.

  • Provide all the required details on your profile. Fill out your tracks and albums’ titles, your genre, signed label, and other information relating to your music.

“Artist’s Pick” helps you fasten an album, a track, personalized playlists, or a forthcoming event or gig on your profile page.

It allows you to personalize your page and share information. You can also attach a note to your pinned information.

Tips for gaining advantage from your Spotify profile

The streaming service tracks your engagements, such as shares and likes. Here are some tips to help you increase your plays and streams.

  • Promote your tracks on Spotify
  • Create independent Spotify playlists
  • Send your soon-to-be-released tracks to the platform’s editors and playlist curators for placement considerations
  • Understand your audience statistics and use the data for marketing campaigns.

Spotify features help the successful digital distribution of songs. However, you must understand how they function to benefit from these tools.

Music industry professionals know that the industry is always changing. The insane level of competition in the music industry is one of the most significant changes.

It is already clear that Spotify is one of the most popular platforms. It is the ideal way for artists to grow their following or showcase great music.

Following the rules above, you will learn how to increase the number of monthly Spotify listeners.

Create and share your playlists

Maintain your profile active and create playlists for your latest releases. You can also trade your tracks with other curators. It is important to be authentic while exposing yourself to a wider audience.

Share the Spotify page link

Social media is a great place for people to begin. Nowadays, almost everyone uses social media.

Share your Spotify link on Facebook and Instagram. You can also add follow buttons and QR codes to your website to increase the number of streams.

Help other artists

There will be many others in your situation. You can help the community and also benefit yourself by offering support to artists trying to make it big.

You may be able to create opportunities for collaborations with other artists. Most likely, you will find that they return the favor by supporting you in your endeavors.

Make your own image

Sometimes great music is not enough to get noticed. A sense of style can make a big difference.

You can use this to represent a brand image, music videos, or professional photos. But, first, you must be officially verified by Spotify as an artist.

How to increase Spotify statistics?

Do you want to know how to grow streaming statistics for the track? Ask professionals.

Numerous online platforms provide constant support in the name of numbers. Have a quick search, and you will find which fits you best.

One option is excellent promotion platforms for finding great playlists; get professional promotional services on the media.

Music promotion services do a great job of pushing songs to the top and commonly listened-to playlists encourage growth in the music industry by catering exclusively to independent artists.

Promotion platforms gather an enormous selection of Spotify playlists. They are also favorable to artists, allowing them to submit their songs sometimes free of charge.

To get a song playlisted, you need to look for a couple of playlists that your piece is suited for and submit it for review.

If the curators of the playlist like your song and feel it will be a great addition to the playlist, you will get a placement.

The more playlist curators you send your track to, the higher your chances of getting an order.

To reach fame on Spotify, you must follow all mentioned rules. Be aware of all new features and propositions of promotion.

Subscribe to music promotion public you respect immediately and follow tips they share.

Feel free to share your experience and give some feedback to be noticed.

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