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Cost of being a Superfan: From Drake to Ed Sheeran to Dua Lipa



Cost of being a Superfan: From Drake to Ed Sheeran to Dua Lipa

From Drake to Ed Sheeran to Dua Lipa – On the off chance that you are a devoted music fan you will know exactly the amount of money you will have to spend to be close to your favorite music artist.

Show passes, products and collections are among the items in which you can show your devotion, yet every one of them accompany a tremendous expense.

In a recent article by Betway it is precisely explained all the exact things it takes to be a superfan of probably the greatest music acts on the planet.

The article evaluated the most played artist on Spotify to figure out which ones it costs the most to follow. We speak about the main 10.


The Canadian whiz beats out everyone else for being the costliest to be a fan of, competing before Ed Sheeran by an impressive edge.

Drake has played 31 shows in the Unified Realm in the past five years, and purchasing tickets for every one through a sale site would have cost an incredible £12,581.97.

At the point when you include purchasing stock, his latest collection and buying marked things, a superfan’s general cost would have been more than £13,000.


It may very well be contended that Sheeran fans are no less, with the expensive tickets for his 115 UK shows in the last 5 years totalling simply over £9,000 on sale website.

His latest collection ‘Equivalents’ was per record for £7.99, while his merchandise has a typical expense of £29.04 per item.

Ed Sheeran is the main musician in the best five whose sale ticket cost was under £100, which suggests he actually has a viable approach to match the prominence of other worldwide stars.


South Korean boyband BTS have developed a huge following lately and passes to see them perform live are exceptionally pursued.

They have performed only six shows in the UK over the most recent five years, and the least expensive ticket came in at a faltering £678.94 each.

With the most costly collection cost (£22.99) of any musician in the main 10, fans need to have a solid money balance to meet their idols.


Adele is another musician that has performed rarely in the UK lately, which without a doubt assumed a critical part in sloping up ticket costs on sale websites.

The English vocalist has played only seven shows in the UK in the past five years and the least expensive tickets cost an eye-watering £548.63 each.

Her latest collection was additionally the second generally costly in the best 10 (£12.99), albeit the typical expense of her product (£16.56) was quite possibly of the most reasonable rate.


Metallica take fifth put on the rundown, to a great extent fuelled by a least expensive ticket cost of £107.07 to see one of the 24 shows they have played in the UK in the past five years.

Notwithstanding, the American stone symbols routinely do an amazing job by organizing meet and welcomes with their dependable fans after they have performed.

See likewise What’s in store While Searching For Meet And Welcome Tickets

The gathering likewise work widely with associations, for example, the Make-A-Wish Establishment to give extraordinary wishes for youngsters with basic diseases.


The least expensive tickets for Sam Smith’s shows cost £78.85 each – just Dua Lipa and Elton John had less expensive ticket costs on the auxiliary market of the demonstrations in this rundown.

His typical product cost of £30.10 per thing was just beaten by Dua Lipa (£41.46) and Drake (£37.35), albeit marked things at £5.99 were among the most reasonable.

Smith’s most recent collection ‘Love Goes’ was accessible at £6.39 – the second least expensive on the rundown behind Elton John (£5.99).


In the event that the sale ticket costs to watch Adele’s form of mood and blues were not however you would prefer, Bruno Mars gave a somewhat more reasonable other option.

He played 19 shows in the UK in the past five years, and the least expensive tickets for his gigs would have hindered you a cool £124.50 each.

Where Mars truly offered incentive for cash is for marked things, with the expense of only £2.19 for chosen things destroying every other person in the main 10.


As far as reasonableness, Dua Lipa stands far and away superior to the rest with regards to the least expensive ticket costs for her live shows.

Fans could buy tickets for only £32.37 to see the English vocalist/lyricist – nearly £45 less expensive than passes to see Elton John.

Her collection cost of £6.66 was additionally perhaps of the least expensive in the main 10, however her marked thing rate (£9.99) was the most costly.

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