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Eurovision Chiefs Insist Ukraine Can’t Host 2023 Show



Eurovision Chiefs Insist Ukraine Can't Host 2023 Show

(CTN News) – Despite angry protests from Kyiv, the Eurovision Song Contest’s organizers confirmed Thursday that the 2023 edition will not be held in Ukraine due to the Russian war.

After winning the world’s biggest live music event last month, Ukraine will host the kitsch annual pop extravaganza next year.

On June 17, the European Broadcasting Union announced that war-torn Ukraine would not be able to host the 2023 show, triggering outrage across the continent as well as demands for the Ukrainian government to reverse the decision.

Eurovision Song Contest cannot be held in Ukraine

As the EBU stated in a statement, it fully understands the disappointment that has greeted the announcement that the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest cannot be held in Ukraine, this year’s winner.

Ultimately, the EBU made the decision because it is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of everyone working and participating in the event, whose planning should begin as soon as possible.

More than 10,000 people, including crew, staff, and journalists, are usually accredited to work on Eurovision.

The event is expected to attract 30,000 fans from around the world. Their welfare is our top priority.

– Mass casualty risk –

Despite Russia’s invasion, Kalush Orchestra won the Eurovision final on May 15 in Turin thanks to the votes of national judging panels and the general public.

Eurovision’s rules clearly state that an event can be moved in situations such as war.

Severe risk of air attacks and a high possibility of mass casualties influenced the union’s decision, as well as the conflict making participants and delegations hesitant to go.

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