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The Last of Us Season 2: What To Expect

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The Last of Us Season 2: What To Expect

(CTN News) – In the midst of the Oscars, millions of viewers turned their attention to HBO’s The Last of Us season finale. It hurt just as much the second time around for those who have played the game.

The video game has left many wondering what The Last of Us Season 2 of the TV show will be like. After announcing in January that the hit show was coming back for a second season, it’s to be expected that the creators of the show will follow the storyline of the game in Season 2.

In contrast to the harrowing ending of the first game, the second has a much darker tone.

How soon will they begin filming The Last of Us Season 2?

Pascal has yet to confirm whether he will reprise his role, but Ramsey told W Magazine they will be returning to play Ellie.

When asked if there is a chance that filming will begin later this year during an interview, Pascal said there is a chance it will start later this year.
Apart from flashbacks, most of the major actors from Season 1 played dead characters.

However, many of the key characters from Part II will appear in Season 2. Many publications have published their dream casts for these roles, with high anticipation for the casting.

How long is the time jump between seasons?

There is a significant leap forward in time in the second game. Joel and Ellie have settled down in Jackson, Wyoming with Joel’s brother, Tommy, and the rest of its inhabitants five years after the end of the first game. As the first season followed the same storyline as the first game, the second season should follow suit.

What’s the theme and storyline of Part II?

During the second half of the first season, Ellie’s love life took center stage. This episode gave viewers a glimpse into her friendship with Riley, played by Storm Reid, based on the downloadable content from The Last Of Us. Ellie sneaks out of her QZ dorm on their last day together to explore an abandoned mall.

Ellie got bitten by an infected, but when Riley turned, Ellie had to kill her. Ellie’s first romantic connection was heartbreaking, but Part II has some surprises about these themes, as well as even more heartbreaks.

Does The Last of Us Season 2 have a darker tone?

Ellie and Joel’s moral dilemma at the end of the first game laid the groundwork for their fractured relationship, which is explored in the second part. Ellie’s motives are even more questioned by a particular event that we won’t spoil here. Once again, the second game is about vengeance and explores that theme in multiple ways.

The co-creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann said next season is going to have “a lot more infected” when asked about the amount of violence and zombie action in The Last of Us Season 1. According to Mazin, the game and series will be different, just like this season was. Whether it’s radically different or barely different, it’s going to be different. It’ll be its own thing. It won’t be like the game.”

Do you think The Last of Us will have a Part 3?

Druckmann told IGN they’d only do a Part 3 if Mazin and he had “a really good, compelling story,” but replied “no comment” on there being one. According to him, a multiplayer game is coming out later this year and there will be more updates on it.


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