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‘American Horror Story’ Season 11: What Is It About?



'American Horror Story' Season 11: What Is It About?

(CTN News) – Season 11 of American Horror Story has been almost completely shrouded in mystery, with very scant information being released to fans before it premieres on FX.

Its title, “NYC,” revealed the season’s location and its cast was announced ahead of time, but little else was revealed prior to its premiere on October 19.

Following the release of the first two episodes, the story is beginning to take shape, and here is everything you need to know.

How does ‘American Horror Story’ Season 11 differ from previous seasons?

The setting of American Horror Story is New York City, as its title suggests.

This show opens with the beheading of a gay man in 1981, the latest in a string of murders across New York City.

The case is assigned to Patrick (Russell Tovey), a closed detective.

A journalist for the LGBTQ+ publication The Native, Gino (Joe Mantello), is eager to know more and frustrated by Patrick’s lack of disclosure.

It is revealed in the first two episodes that the serial killer at large is named “Big Daddy,” although no one appears to be aware of who he is or where he is.

When Adam (Charlie Carver)’s roommate Sully becomes missing and Patrick is unable to find him, Theo (Isaac Powell) reveals to him the killer’s nickname.

After a guest they invite to a party is murdered shortly thereafter, Theo’s partner Sam (Zachary Quinto) appears to be a contender for being the real “Big Daddy”.


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