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The School For Good And Evil Doesn’t Pass The Franchise Test

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The School For Good And Evil Doesn't Pass The Franchise Test

(CTN News) -“The School for Good and Evil” gets lost somewhere between Disney Channel fare like “Descendants” and more epic theatricals like Harry Potter.

This latest rewrite of fairy tales wastes plenty of big-name assets, The School for Good and Evil  a popular book series, and Netflix’s money.

In theory, Paul Feig (best known for comedies prior to his female “Ghostbusters” reboot) seems like an odd choice for adapting Soman Chainani’s young-adult novels.

This movie is meant to approach fairy-tale conventions with a more modern (and pretty well telegraphed) sensibility, but the long slog to get there doesn’t add much value.

The dreamer Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso) and her practical, protective pal Agatha (Sofia Wylie of Disney’s “Andi Mack” and “High School Musical:

The Musical: The Series”) get whisked away from their humble village to the enchanted school of the title, after a prologue (narrated by the always-present Cate Blanchett) about two brothers who stand in for right and evil.

The magical academy trains aspiring princes and princesses (some with fairy-tale lineage) in the art of good, helmed by Professor Dovey (Kerry Washington), who is enjoying a long win against the evil kids, learning villainy from Professor Lesso Charlize Theron).

The School for Good and Evil; A place billed as “where fairy tales begin” is overseen by the headmaster (Laurence Fishburne).

Sophie and Agatha end up at opposite schools, and they’re both convinced they’re in the wrong place (I’d say “sorting-hat error,” but it’s a different franchise); they’re also told that they have a lofty destiny,

The ultimate fantasy in these tales, however trite it might sound, and they both love one of the good-school princes (Jamie Flatters), who happens to be King Arthur’s son.

There’s plenty of action along the way, as well as wasted cameos like Patti LuPone and Michelle Yeoh.

From the anthropomorphic wolf guards to the sweeping castles, the design feels like it belongs to a big-budget movie or cable-network original.

Most of what happens has a tired, by-the-numbers feel, even though the underlying lessons focus on heroism and love.

Despite a few nods in that direction, like a snippet of the “Sleeping Beauty” theme, the film isn’t quite as clever as it could be.

Maybe Netflix can be forgiven for wanting a piece of Disney and Warner Bros.’ action in this fertile genre. Please bring something original if you’re coming this late to the party.

At this point of the game, that’s not an easy assignment, but “The School for Good and Evil” doesn’t pass.

Netflix’s “The School for Good and Evil” premieres October 19.


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