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Jen’s English Tip’s – Pronunciation of the simple past -ed





Pronunciation of the simple past -ed


There are three ways to pronounce the final –ed of regular verbs in the simple past. This pronunciation is determined by the final sound of the verb: is it a voiced consonant, an unvoiced consonant, or a vowel sound. After unvoiced sounds such as p, f, s, k, and the final –ed is pronounced like t as in the word cat. Note that the –e remains silent. Click on the words to hear the sound files.

base form simple past
help helped
stuff stuffed
laugh laughed
miss missed
dice diced
fix fixed
look looked
fish fished
march marched

After voiced sounds such as b, g, v, z, m, n,, l, and r the final –ed sound is pronounced like d as in good. Note that the –e remains silent.

base form simple past
grab grabbed
hug hugged
save saved
ooze oozed
please pleased
massage massaged
rage raged
resume resumed
sign signed
bang banged
peel peeled
breathe breathed
honor honored

The final –ed is also pronounced like the d in good after all vowel sounds. Note that the –e again remains silent.

base form simple past
stay stayed
free freed
lie lied
hoe hoed
sue sued
ski skied
snow snowed
try tried

For verbs ending in d and t the final –ed is pronounced Id as in the final two letters of the word did.

base form simple past
add added
grade graded
decide decided
exit exited
taste tasted
object objected


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