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Jen’s English Tip’s – Mistakes with Prepositions

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Mistakes with Prepositions


Incorrect: He is going to home.
Correct: He is going home.

The preposition ‘to’ is not normally used with ‘home’.

Incorrect: The children have been playing since two hours.
Correct: The children have been playing for two hours.

We use ‘for’ to indicate duration. ‘Since’ is used with the starting point of action.

Incorrect: An ordinary man’s life is different from a monk.
Correct: An ordinary man’s life is different from that of a monk.

Do not omit the words ‘that’ and ‘those’ in comparisons.

Incorrect: He hit me by a stick.
Correct: He hit me with a stick.

The preposition ‘by’ shows the agent – the person who performs the action. The preposition ‘with’ shows the tool with which the action is performed.

Incorrect: I need a pen to write.
Correct: I need a pen to write with.

Incorrect: Many people died by cholera.
Correct: Many people died of cholera.

Incorrect: India has been independent for 1947.
Correct: India has been independent since 1947.

Incorrect: I am ill since three weeks.
Correct: I have been ill for three weeks.

In expressions with ‘for’ and ‘since’, we normally use the present perfect and present perfect continuous tenses.

Incorrect: This paper is inferior than that.
Correct: This paper is inferior to that.

After adjectives like inferior, superior, senior and junior, we use the preposition ‘to’ instead of the preposition ‘than’.

Incorrect: This is different to that.
Correct: This is different from that. / This is different than that.

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